Drive All Night Trailer has a taxi driver carrying a mysterious passenger

Be careful of taxi drivers. Certain passengers can cause trouble.

To Drive all night, This indie thriller has a taxi driver (who is still using a taxi?) And chases Hitman in the middle of the night to pick up women for various activities.

Movie star Yutaka Takeuchi (Marvel) Defender) And Sara Dumont (Scout Guide to Welcome to Zombie World).

The official outline is as follows.

Drive all night Dave (Yutaka Takeuchi), a hermit swing-shift taxi driver, turned the night in an unexpected direction after welcoming a mysterious passenger, Kara (Lexie Hammons). Things get more and more surreal the night they go as she drives him through a series of bizarre excursions.

Dumont plays the waitress in Dave’s favorite dining room, and Johnny Gilligan plays Lenny, a relentless hitman guided by a strange vision, chasing the protagonist overnight.

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Pete Sea makes his directorial debut in the film. He is best known for his workshops and productions in theaters across the country, including Nylon Fusion, Hollywood Fringe, and the Asian American Theater Company.

“I wanted to develop a complex, layered story that would become more and more dreamy and surreal as the story evolved. My goal is to travel enthusiastically in wonderland. On a dream trip, take the audience to the rabbit hole and hopefully get them out on the other side, confusing and entertaining them, “She said.

The film will premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival from March 20th to 30th later this month. For ticket information, please visit the following website. www.cinequest.org..

Check out the first trailer and poster below. Please let us know what you think.

Drive all night poster

Source: Cinequest 2021

Drive All Night Trailer has a taxi driver carrying a mysterious passenger

https://lrmonline.com/news/drive-all-night-trailer-has-a-taxi-driver-picking-up-a-mysterious-passenger/ Drive All Night Trailer has a taxi driver carrying a mysterious passenger

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