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Netflix’s Drive to Survive series not only has a transient interest in Formula 1, but also creates new fans that McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown believes.

The first season of Drive to Survive was released in 2019, two years after Liberty Media acquired F1. Since then, the sport has reported an increase in US viewership.

Following the third season, which arrived earlier this year, Brown described the effect as “huge.”

“It must be the only and most important impact in North America,” he said. “Almost every comment from someone outside the United States mentions Drive to Survive.”

While the new generation of “DTS fans” has been despised as having a superficial interest in sports, Brown believes the series has also created an avid follower of F1.

“It did a great job of turning people into enthusiastic fans, not just raising awareness,” he said. “You want to get some sort of trend fan and put them in the” Avid Fan “category.

“The people of Drive to Survival [from] “I have never seen an F1 race in my life” to “I will never miss an F1 race again”. That is Drive to Survive. “

He admitted that F1 owner Liberty Media brought the sport to a new audience.

“I think it’s a great thing Liberty did very early on. It recognizes that we’re doing this great sport and effectively finds out what’s happening in the paddock. That’s not the case, because Drive to Survive is a little less for on-track actions and a little more for off-track actions.

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“And it’s a very fascinating sport, politics, and personality. I think Drive to Survive nailed it and made it public to the world. It really seems to resonate in the United States.”

F1 viewership increased overall in 2020, despite a decline in TV viewership and problems with the coronavirus pandemic.I saw social media and online platforms 36% growth, Reflects the changing way people follow sports.

Circuit of the Americas Chairman Bobby Epstein Due to the Netflix seriesPopular at the last United States Grand Prix. Brown said the championship should strongly consider two races on the track as Formula 1 is about to reorganize the second half of the championship with the defeat of the Singapore Grand Prix.

“If the place where a second doubleheader is needed and where the United States could be one works, then the number is currently skyrocketing in the United States due to F1’s growth. Thinking about it, I think. [it would be] It’s amazing, “he said.

“I think Texas is wide open. In my understanding, it’s sold out, so I’m sure it could probably be sold out again.

“If we have the ability to choose and the stars are aligned to do two races in the United States, I’m definitely very supportive. I think it will only continue to accelerate the momentum of the United States. I will. “

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Drive to Survive is creating new F1 fans for “avid” Drive to Survive is creating new F1 fans for “avid”

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