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Pokemon Dash is one of the games that makes you say, “Did anyone make it? Really? Why?” The answer is that Nintendo has released the Nintendo DS and will be in the launch lineup to boost sales. The Pokemon Dash was born because you probably wanted a Pokemon title. The game’s premise is simple-you’re a Pokemon, you have a race, you run in the race you’re told, try to win And hopefully avoid lava, because there are no restrictions on Pokemon racing.

Sounds a little exciting, doesn’t it? Well, there are some setbacks in Pokemon Dash.

First, except for multiplayer, you only play as Pikachu. Sure, there are Bulbasaur, Meowth, Torchic, and even Mantilux. This makes Pokemon Dash one of the first games to include 4th generation Pokemon, but if your friend doesn’t own Pokemon Dash, it’s 100% Pikachu. 100 percent of the time.

For the Nintendo DS launch title, Pokemon Dash takes little consideration of the touchpad. Simply drag the stylus forward to point Pikachu at the truck and move it from left to right when Pikachu faints. The Pokemon Ranger series makes more use of the touchpad, and you can manage to have a great time by drawing a circle around the Pokemon.

Pokemon Dash may sound like you don’t like it very much, but in fact I was able to bite it in my mind. Maybe that’s how you produce when you poke Pikachu on the title screen. Pull in the direction of the ear fracture without electrocution. It’s a way to turn your team from one of the Game Boy Advance Pokemon games to a new race track, making Pokemon Dash the only game that can run around with the face of Mewtwo. But maybe that’s because I like weird Pokemon games-I have replayed the Pokemon Channel at least twice. I love discovering what new nonsense the Pokemon Company came up with. Pokemon Dash is the perfect kind of Pokemon nonsense.


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