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DSV Launches Green Logistics to Accelerate Industry’s Green Transition

As one of the world’s largest transportation and logistics companies, DSV wants to take the lead and be a major driver of the industry’s green transition. To follow up on the Science Based Targets initiative and the goals approved in 2020, DSV is currently launching Green Logistics. This is a highly ambitious set of green products within the industry focused on reducing emissions for DSV customers. Green Logistics Solution all Sizes worldwide and across all major shipping modes.

The need for specific climate change measures was not as clear and important as it is today.With the increase in global trade and freight transport, it is an important part of the world’s CO2 Emissions, transportation and logistics industries need to consider how transportation activities take place and take concrete initiatives to make them more sustainable.

Green Logistics is DSV’s new customer service aimed at accelerating the green transition of the global supply chain. 4 customized solutions up to CO2 DSV wants to help customers reduce CO by reporting, designing their green supply chain, and providing sustainable fuels and optimizing carbon offsets in all modes of transportation.2 Emissions from transportation without limiting their business.

The focus of Green Logistics is on dealing with your CO2 Emissions, thereby DSV emissions from subcontracted cargo. In parallel with the introduction of Green Logistics, DSV is responsible for driving the industry towards a more environmentally friendly future where global trade takes place in consideration of maintaining our nature. Is emphasized.

“DSV is determined to support the industry’s green transition. As the world’s third largest transportation and logistics company, we take responsibility seriously. All our partners to help reduce CO. And are ready to work with you.2 Reduces the negative effects of emissions and climate change. By providing our customers with new green logistics products, we provide them with analysis and advice to rethink their supply chain and enable them to do business in a more sustainable way. “ Jensbjorn Andersen, Group CEO of DSV, explained.

From Sustainable Initiatives to Sustainable Behavior

In 2020, DSV will set approved Science Based Targets (SBT) with an ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions across scopes 1, 2, and 3 from the 2019 baseline to 2030. Set up. 98% or more of CO2 Emissions registered by DSV are generated as Scope 3 emissions combined by all types of subcontracted cargo.

This is where green logistics solutions come in handy. “With Green Logistics, DSV is a huge leap from commitment to action. Today, we have four things that enable us to keep our supply chain flowing in a more sustainable way, respecting our nature. Propose a solution, but we can only move the sector and reduce CO2 Emissions with customer involvement and collaborative approach. We must act together. ” Added Jensbjorn Andersen.

4 green logistics solutions for all types of transportation

The Green Logistics solution can be applied to all major transportation modes in all markets. With Green Logistics, DSV offers a one-stop shop for green transport and logistics solutions. The four solutions are:

  1. CO2 Report – Track and track impact. Provides CO customer insights and a complete overview2 Emissions to promote the reduction of transportation emissions.
  2. Green Supply Chain Design and Optimization – Rethink Logistics. Specific and personalized analysis to streamline the customer’s supply chain and identify the largest CO2 Emission reduction across the supply chain.
  3. Providing Sustainable Fuels – Fueling the Green Transition. Enable customers to choose sustainable alternative fuels across major modes of transportation to reduce CO2 Emissions without changing operations.
  4. Carbon Offset – Corrects the carbon footprint. This allows customers to fund sustainable projects that supplement their carbon emissions.
DSV’s commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative

In 2020, DSV announced ambitious goals approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative to reduce the company’s CO.2 Emissions. By 2030, DSV will reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions (company cars, offices, warehouses, etc.) by 40% and Scope 3 emissions (mainly from subcontracted freight transport) to the 2019 baseline. Promised a 30% reduction from.

Case 1: Green supply chain design and optimization:

Customers have little idea where to start CO2 Emission reduction. DSV helps customers perform emission hotspot analysis to identify the lanes with the highest emissions in both air, sea, and road cargo. Then, using DSV’s unique and differentiated service (Green Procurement Career Analysis), a team of DSV experts can make a detailed assessment of the potential careers of the identified lanes. The next step is to find the carrier with the lowest emissions and help customers incorporate CO.2 Emission intensity as a key factor in choosing a carrier, and other business considerations such as cost and time.

Case 2: CO2 report

Customer does not have an overview of CO2 Emissions from transportation. DSV provides a detailed overview of emissions from different modes and helps to divide by section of transport. This can form a good foundation for customers to understand transportation emissions and work with DSV to take initiatives to reduce these specific emissions.

Case 3: Providing sustainable fuel

Customers are high-end fashion and retail customers who rely on the use of air freight as a means of transporting their final products in order to remain relevant to fashion trends. DSV helps customers reduce CO2 Emissions from high-emission air cargo lanes using sustainable aviation fuels and without changing the customer’s operations.

Case 4: Carbon offset

DSV’s carbon offset products allow customers to invest in environmental projects to supplement their CO.2 Emissions. One project is the construction of wind or solar power plants to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and the other project is to plant trees to extract CO.2 From the atmosphere. Customers can decide to reduce any percentage of their emissions by investing in selected projects and claiming credit.

DSV Launches Green Logistics to Accelerate Industry’s Green Transition DSV Launches Green Logistics to Accelerate Industry’s Green Transition

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