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DuckDuckGo Email Privacy Service Coming Soon

DuckDuckGo has launched an email privacy feature created to get rid of incoming messages on trackers. This will help you profile for better ad targeting. The DuckDuckGo Email Privacy Service aims to protect users from hidden trackers that are often embedded in emails received from various companies.

Users of this service will get a free “@” email address, the tracker will be removed from the message and it will be forwarded to their inbox.

The tracker works by notifying the email sender when you open a message, thus helping your advertising company create your profile based on the metadata it collects.

This data may include information such as the device and general location used when reading the email when the message was opened, but unfortunately this kind of information is in the hands of a third party. There is a possibility of crossing.

How does email protection work?

Email protection works using the “@” address. This email address excludes hidden trackers in the message, cleans them up, and then sends the email to your regular inbox.

In other words, if you are using an email service such as Gmail or Yahoo, there is no problem. Emails sent to your personal duck address will arrive there as usual, so you can read them in any app or web as usual, without worry.


The service also makes available disposable inboxes that can be used on potentially spamming sites and sites that share data with advertisers. Another benefit is that users can now protect their real email addresses from data breach incidents.

DuckDuckGo further stated in a blog post that “we never store emails for this service,” explaining that messages are never stored in the system and are processed in memory.

We do not save your email.

DuckDuckGo never saves your email for this service because we believe that the content of your email is not our job. is not necesary to! As soon as you receive an email, it removes the tracker, forwards it, and does not save it to your system. It also does not save headers (such as to / from). See Privacy Guarantee for more information.


The email protection service using DuckDuckGo is currently in private beta as the issue is still resolved, but new applications are accepted daily so users can join and join the waiting list.

You do not need to share any personal information to join the waiting list. Protect your location according to a time stamp that only exists on your device and notify you when you’re ready to join. Once you have a personal duck address, you can expect DuckDuckGo to support it in the long run, so you can share it with confidence from day one.


DuckDuckGo Email Privacy Service Coming Soon DuckDuckGo Email Privacy Service Coming Soon

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