DuckTales is over and the final episode will air in 2021

DuckTales has officially ended and the finale of the series will air in 2021. Disney representatives confirmed the news to on Wednesday. Production of the series has already been completed.

In a statement, a Disney representative said, “The talented creative team, led by Matt Jängberg and Francisco Angones, has excellent storytelling with uniquely rethought-out characters in three seasons of 75 episodes and more than 15 short stories. Provided. ” “DuckTales will be available daily on Disney Channel and Disney + around the world while physical production is finished, and fans will have a spectacular season finale in 2021.”

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The hashtag #RenewDuckTales started appearing on Twitter on Tuesday night. writer tweeted He saw a lot of people using hashtags, but heard that the show had already been cancelled. A report from the collider was then published Wednesday, and Disney confirmed the news hours later.

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Duck Tales will allegedly end when the Darkwing Duck spin-off arrives at Disney +. Disney has not officially confirmed the existence of the spin-off, but Variety says the series is in early development and will be executive produced by Seth Rogen. The Darkwing Duck character also recently appeared in an episode of DuckTales, but it’s unclear if the new series will revolve around the same version of the character.

The third season of the DuckTales reboot, which began airing in 2020, wasn’t said to be the end of the show. The latest episode, the Christmas Special, aired on Disney XD on November 30th.DuckTales has created a list of ‘s best home-cooked movies and TV shows, and the DuckTales-themed Minecraft DLC was released in 2019.

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