Dune remakes have been confirmed to follow only the first half of the book

Thanks to the familiar series of delays and pushbacks, we feel like we’ve been waiting forever for director Dennis Villeneuve’s adaptation. DunesHowever, writer Eric Ross is here to keep the hype train running, comparing the upcoming sci-fi franchise starter to one of the most beloved trilogy of all time. Ross recently described the film as “really spectacular” and made fun of their approach to adapting original fiction.

“”[Working on Dune] It was wonderful.I did some work for Dennis arrival And we became a little soulmate.And when Dunes Came in and he asked me if I would approach it. And I did, and I wrote a large, complete, overwritten Eric Ross draft that had something special to me. Honestly, we needed to cut it down and take advantage of it, and Dennis did some of it and eventually brought in a writer-I was so busy that they brought in a writer, John Spaihts, a great writer. I did. I think I grounded it. And I think he is … I don’t want to call it the Lord of the Rings, but I think it’s really pretty spectacular. He is Dennis, a visionary of his own kind. “

Relation: Dune will be screened at an international cinema two weeks before streaming on HBO Max

Fans Frank Herbert’s novel Who was Ross now, worried about how Bill Neuve would realize a vast story in just one movie (many people flashed back to David Lynch’s 1984 efforts)? I have confirmed that I was suspicious. Dunes It’s just the first half.

“It’s completely the first half. I didn’t know when it started, so I think I adapted a little more than the first half and started to enter the second half of the book.

Planning a franchise when you don’t know how your first installment will be received is a dangerous game and, of course, can result. Dunes When the worst turns into the worst, it feels like an unfinished business. Although it is unlikely that a respected writer will be involved, Ross expects Birneuve to complete Ark.

“I [wrote] It’s a treatment to show what you can do in the second half, but I think I’ve done everything I can. I have other things I want to do. I’m 76 years old, but obviously it takes a long time to do these things. And there are some other things I’m excited about. And hopefully people love Dune so much that they want to have a second part, and I’m sure Dennis will do a great version of it. “

Dunes Will throw the audience into the distant future of mankind Duke Let Atreides (Oscar Isaac) accepts the management of the dangerous desert planet Arakis, also known as the dunes, which is the only source of the most valuable matter in the universe. “Spice” extends human life, provides superhuman levels of thinking, and travels faster than practical light. Leto knows that chances are a complex trap set by the enemy, but of his Benegeserit concubine Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), her little son and heir Paul (Timothy Chalamet), and Arakis. Take the most trusted advisor. Leto manages a spice mining operation that is endangered by the presence of giant sandworms. The fierce betrayal leads Paul and Jessica to Flehmen, the native of Arakis, who lives in the deep desert.

Dunes Scheduled Theatrical release in the United States on October 1, 2021 in IMAX and 3D, By Warner Bros. Pictures, and a one-month simultaneous release on the HBO Max streaming service.This comes from us Collider..

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Dune remakes have been confirmed to follow only the first half of the book

https://movieweb.com/dune-remake-first-half-of-book/ Dune remakes have been confirmed to follow only the first half of the book

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