Dunes: Desertfall Adventure available from Modiphius Entertainment

November 30, 2021 by Polar_Bear

Welcome to Arakkis, commonly referred to as Dune. It’s a harsh and relentless world, but it’s also the most important planet in the empire.It would be nice to have an introductory guide, and that’s exactly it Desert fall For Dunes: Imperial RPG Adventure.. You can now pick up your copy.

From the website:

This 34-page introductory adventure for dunes: An adventure in an imperial role-playing game takes the player character to Arrakis and prepares for the arrival of the Atreides. Immediately after the planet falls, the player character must ensure that the official residence is safe and attempt to uncover potential spies, assassins, or other potential threats lurking in Alaken.

Desert Fall can be played using the included pre-generated characters, but it works the same for new player character groups in another house.

This new version of Desertfall has undergone some minor changes since it was released as part of the Corebook Preview. Adjusted the display of some characters, but includes additional notes on how to continue the adventure, taking advantage of the opportunity to provide new guidance for adapting this adventure to ongoing campaigns in your own home. I did. Subplots are not resolved.


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