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After making a big splash in China for the past few years, developer Indra’s dark fantasy action RPG Raziel: Dungeon Arena Finally, it went abroad in September, bringing its gorgeous visuals, hack and slash gameplay, and lots of loot to a whole new player audience. Indra is now now due to its delayed initial launch Raziel This adds all sorts of new stuff to a game that is already filled with content.

First and foremost, this update adds new playable heroes to the roster. An elf Druid named Pirrosa Mander is “reluctant to fight the undead invasion, but is an infinitely valuable ally.” She’s a great complement for going back and forth between heroes focused on blockbuster melee attacks like rock and bison. Players can unlock Pirosa Mander for free by collecting Blazing Mysterious Shards or Almighty Shards. Following Pirrosa in the video below, you’ll see several screens of her various gear loadouts.

Another major part of this latest update is Raziel Is a new mercenary sidekick system that allows you to recruit and tag mercenary companions to assist in combat. The various mercenaries available have their own abilities and can be equipped with armor and weapons. Basically, it adds a whole new layer to consider when equipping your hero with equipment and planning strategies. You can recruit mercenaries who specialize in high damage counts, range attack specialists, or mercenaries who are skilled in crowd control. It’s up to you how to complement the first team of two heroes before heading to the battle.

In addition to these major new additions, Indra has also added a lot of new content to the existing parts of Raziel In the form of a new tavern challenge, the Abyss Demon Land Floor, the World Map Zone, and the hard modes of Chapters 1-5 of the main story. There is also a new gameplay mode for guilds called Guild Resource Wars. In this mode, guild members can challenge dungeons twice a day, earn guild points, and boost their rankings beyond their rivals.And finally, considering that this update will take place just before Halloween, all heroes Raziel Now, if you ask me, they have their own unlockable costume set that is creepy like hell. Of course, in a good way!

Raziel: Dungeon Arena Notable in the relatively crowded free action RPG genre. This is because it focuses on long story-driven campaigns. In addition to that, there is everything else you would expect from a game like this. Social features, and lots of loot and customization options. It’s all wrapped in a very impressive visual package. This first major update has been released Raziel: Dungeon Arena Check it out for free on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store Android, as it offers players even more awesome.

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‘Raziel: Dungeon Arena’ Gets Huge Update with New Playable Hero, New Mercenary System, Halloween Costumes, and Tons More

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