Dungeons & Dragons movie shooting has begun


Paramount And eOne Dungeons & Dragons Adaptation has finally started shooting.director Jonathan Goldstein I shared the news with the following tweets.

New movie star Chris pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Register page, Hugh Grant, Sophia Lillis And Justice smith.. Hasbro / eOne and Paramount have jointly created and funded this feature. eOne is distributed in the UK and Canada, and Paramount is distributed in other countries.

Jonathan Goldstein And John Francis Daley Direct and create scripts based on drafts Michael Gillio.. Jeremy Ratcham It is produced through a contract with Studio eOne, Hasbro’s entertainment division.Hasbro Brian Goldner Is also in production.

The movie will be released on March 3, 2023.

Dungeons & Dragons is a leading fantasy entertainment franchise, backed by the imagination of storytellers around the world. Since its first release 46 years ago, including video games on Twitch and YouTube and live stream entertainment, more than 40 million fans have interacted with and played D & D.

The details of the plot are ambiguous, but last year it was there Mentioned It will continue “A group of adventurers looking for a powerful artifact dating back to the early days of the game, Eye of Vecna. Vecna ​​is a powerful rich-turned god whose hands and eyes (the remnants of Vecna’s mortality). Gives indescribable power. Both hands and adventurer’s eyes are terrible. To use either artifact, the user must remove the existing eye or hand and then replace it with the artifact. There is. “

Earlier reports, the adventurer is led by Raven Hightower, a warrior with a magical flame sword who is plagued by the death of his sister. Other characters include the “Half Dragon” Hack Callaway, the gnome thief Olivan Trickfoot, and the masked warrior Alyssa Steelsong. The main villains in the film are Drow, a man named Razor Holber, who once enslaved Raven and his sister, Typing a woman named Damara, and a brutal warrior known only as the “beast.”

I don’t know if any of these are actually included in the movie, but they’re all pretty decent and sound like they’re in harmony with the game. I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and suffer from some of the early game-based movies. I really hope they make this movie right, or at least half decent.

What are the D & D creatures you want to see in the movie? I need a mimic!

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Dungeons & Dragons movie shooting has begun

https://www.liveforfilm.com/2021/05/03/the-dungeons-dragons-movie-has-begun-filming/ Dungeons & Dragons movie shooting has begun

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