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Dustin Joinson’s ONE Championship debut is finally set to occur later this month.

Joynson tests skills with Kirill Grishenko in Circle at ONE: NextGen. This heavyweight clash will drop off the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday, October 29th.

Cyril Grischenko was targeted in a previous battle with Dustin Joinson in April But unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Glishenko was finally defeated Reug Reug At TNTIV ONE via the second TKO. A controversial battle after it all went down.

Kirill Grischenko will participate in this match as a 4-0 professional MMA fighter who has never seen the third round of an MMA match.

Glishenko is a former NFG tournament champion and has so far boasted a 100% finish rate. By the time he takes his walk in late October, it will be his fifth professional fight a year before his MMA debut.

He has been mentioned above Umar Kane (also known as Umar Kane) since April 28th. Reug ReugWhat was the first battle of Belarusian Bruiser in the ONE Championship?

Dustin Joinson’s ONE Championship debut

The debut of this ONE Championship will be almost a year due to the huge heavyweight division from Canada. Former Havoc FC and BFL heavyweight champions were announced in January for signing the promotion and have faced obstacles to their first entry into the ONE Circle ever since.

Two Joynson contests failed at TNT II’s ONE in mid-April. The first target Glishenko match mentioned above failed as well as the Islamic Abbasov contest. The situation where I saw Abasov withdraw from the heavyweight showdown.

Dustin Joinson has previously demonstrated his skills in the Contender series and CFFC. He is undefeated in seven professional mixed martial arts contests coming 6-0 and there is no one contest.

What do you think about the rebooking of this Glishenko battle and Dustin Joinson’s ONE Championship debut?

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Dustin Joinson’s ONE Championship debut set for ONE: NextGen Dustin Joinson’s ONE Championship debut set for ONE: NextGen

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