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It doesn’t sound like Dustin Poirier I was a big fan of being trapped in Abu Dhabi UFC 257.. But “Diamond” also believes that experience has helped him win the biggest victory ever.

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Poirier says he was an “assassin” by combat time

As you know, Poirier dropped his chin across the sporting world by finishing Conor McGregor in the second round last Saturday. It seems that there was a consensus that the rematch would be closer than in the 2014 match, when McGregor quickly won the stop win until the match.

After all, since that battle, Poirier has established himself as one of the greatest lightweights of this generation. However, McGregor was still quite a favorite to win the match.

Well, after Poirier’s great victory, he was asked about his time on Yas Island, and the former interim champion said this (quote). MMA junkie).

“I don’t know. Part of that could be due to sitting in a hotel room and spinning the wheel (explicitly) for two weeks. You couldn’t call this a” fight island. ” did. This is the “Fight Hotel”.

“We couldn’t leave the land. I’ve been sitting here for two weeks and losing weight.

The farthest thing I could go to was the training room. It was like I was in jail here in my heart. “

But Poirier said this, looking back on how he felt by the time he was ready to fight.

“Tonight was one of the best (nights) I’ve ever felt,” Poirier said. “I was emotionless. I was an assassin, and I was here to do.

I was trapped and loaded, and I didn’t feel anything. I was very focused. It was a good feeling.

“I didn’t enjoy warming up. I didn’t enjoy the week of sitting in the hotel room for two weeks.

But shit, when I play the dog out, I can scrap, man. I felt good, but I didn’t have any feelings. “


These are very interesting comments from Poirier. Did Poirier not go out because of the blockade, so he attended several pre-combat events and interacted with thousands of fans, so could he suppress his emotions?

And what would happen to him if he were to fight McGregor for the third time?

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Dustin Poirier on why the “Fight Hotel” made him an “assassin” Dustin Poirier on why the “Fight Hotel” made him an “assassin”

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