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More than 6 years have passed since then Conor McGregor And Dustin Poirier It was the first square in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and there have been many changes since then.

However, John CabanaMcGregor’s head trainer still believes Poirier will have a hard time erasing his memory of his first technical knockout defeat to McGregor at UFC 178 in September 2014. The two men will rematch at the UFC257 Main Event in Abu Dhabi in January. .. twenty three.

“I think you can go to a sports psychologist for the rest of your life and talk to this person and that person. It won’t be erased from his heart,” Kabana said. Mac Life.. “I know he’s facing someone who can turn off the lights very quickly. Now that he’s far more powerful and experienced than ever before, it’s a difficult and difficult battle for Dustin. . “

Their first meeting was featherweight and set the stage for the Irish star’s title run. Poirier, meanwhile, moved to 155 pounds in the next battle, reaching 10-2 in the weight class and was submitted after earning a provisional payment. Habib Nurmagomedov In a unified title match at UFC 242.

Cabana believes Poirier has evolved from his first battle with McGregor, but says that “diamonds” are not facing enemies with the power of “notorious” people.

“Let’s [Poirier] Definitely better, “Kabana said. “In his fight, there are some more removal attempts. I have never seen it before. He has a good guillotine. We can see it. Then his volume and his conditioning are looking at the points. You can see him get a lot of punishment in his fight and still have the ability to move forward. Check its quality To do this, choose one of the last few battles.

“But he’s fighting a different animal than those guys. Someone with the true one-punch knockout power he already feels.”

After defeating Poirier, McGregor became a two-part champion and fought three times at £ 170.He also won the biggest payday in his career in the face Floyd Mayweather At a boxing match in August 2017.

Poirier has been more active in the UFC match than McGregor, but Cabana believes that the products of the American Top Team will be aware of the size and power of their opponents. Anyway, SBG Ireland leaders want to know how the rematch will take place.

“It was a bad night for Dustin,” Cabana said. “It was very one-sided. Looking at some of the shots he absorbed, he’s now a bigger guy. There may be an argument that he can absorb more shots now. Maybe he’s fighting a bigger guy. Good. Fighting, remembering the opening hook kick, it just whistled in his head. A few inches lower, it was better than Aldo’s fight. maybe.

“See, both are physically mature. In terms of age, you know, they are now in their thirties, [have] family. Dustin has since held several more contests in the Octagon than Connor. Connor has never stopped training, apparently has played boxing matches and other things, so it’s interesting to see how this style meets. “

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Dustin Poirier’s first defeat to Conor McGregor will be hard to forget Dustin Poirier’s first defeat to Conor McGregor will be hard to forget

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