Dwayne Johnson is pranked by her daughter in a lovely video

Dwayne Johnson has posted a heartwarming video on his social media where his young daughter is pranking him.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shares a heartwarming video of her daughter playing a prank.The actor who turned from a wrestler to an actor Hollywood’s most successful performer In the last 20 years.Last year he made his debut at both Disney Jungle Cruise When Red Notice, More projects will be screened in theaters this year.

Johnson has been Hollywood’s flagship since its introduction in the early 2000s. The mummy is back.. That cameo role quickly led to the lead performance of spin-off movies, Scorpion KingLed to other 2000s movies like, Run down, Tall walking, When Gridiron Gang, All of which helped boost his star persona. In the 2010s, his career soared with franchise achievements, including his role as Luke Hobbs. fast and furious Franchise and various comedy collaborations with him Kevin Hart Jumanji movie When Central intelligence.. Throughout all that, he maintains a consistent public personality as a man in the family, forms strong work relationships and creates partnerships with his ex-wife, Danny Garcia.

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Many of The rockPublic Persona is based on interactions with young children posted on social media. In fact, the actor posted a hilarious and adorable new video in which one of her daughters is pranking him with peanut butter on her face. Check out the video below:

It’s unclear how much Johnson actually knew about his daughter’s peanut butter prank before the camera started moving, but it’s clear that he seems to enjoy spending limited free time with his family. .. In recent years he has become accustomed to posting about their strong bonds with his children, and his father on his incredibly busy schedule, even if that means having a face full of peanut butter. It is clear that I want to make time to become. Of course, as someone known for his impressive workouts and muscles, he could call the peanut butter feast a cheat day.

Johnson’s latest movie, Red Notice, Now available on Netflix..The next project on his slate DC League of Super Pets When Black AdamBoth are scheduled to debut in theaters later this year. Johnson Arguably one of Hollywood’s busiest actors and businessmen, but obviously he’s still finding a way to spend a fulfilling time with his family.

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Dwayne Johnson is pranked by her daughter in a lovely video

https://screenrant.com/dwayne-johnson-daughter-prank-video/ Dwayne Johnson is pranked by her daughter in a lovely video

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