Dying Light 2 has a 5-year DLC for “New Stories and Places”

Dying Light 2 It was announced almost four years ago, so what’s the next 50 years of development?In front of the Release date of Dying Light 2 In February, developers have already begun to bully post-release plans. This includes “at least 5 years” of support and includes major new content everywhere.

“Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s world is guaranteed to expand with new stories, places, in-game events, and all the fun you love for at least five years after launch,” the developer said in a tweet. .. The attached image also includes “Expand the World” and “In-Game Items”, but it has not yet shown how many of those items will be free or paid.

It may seem a bit premature to announce all support before the game is over, but the original Dying Light set a fairly extreme precedent for post-release support. We are still getting updates and new in-game events, including several major DLC extensions. Especially the following are loved by the gaming community.

Recent devstream has shed some light, uh Dying Light 2 Corp, Everyone will be able to say how the story unfolds.

Please check Dying Light 2 system requirements Check if your PC can perform the task. Anyway, we may have a new rig in the next 5 years.For many Zombie game In the meantime, you can follow that link to check out.

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