EA FIFA Ultimate Team earned over £ 1 billion in 12 months

No matter how badly it is, we can’t stop making money (Photo: EA)

Although controversial, its equivalent in FUT and other sports games is currently one of EA’s largest sources of income.

In 2019, microtransaction FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode has generated more revenue for EA than the game itself. And, according to EA’s own financial reports, they’ve only been profitable since then.

To be on the safe side, Ultimate Team allows you to form your own team of star players by acquiring star players through the loot box. The players who receive it are random and can be earned in-game, but these loot boxes can be purchased for real money.

This mode isn’t limited to FIFA games, it’s also included in EA’s Madden and NFL games. It’s been criticized by people who think it’s gambling, but it’s clear why EA doesn’t want to give it up.

In fiscal year 2021 alone, Ultimate Team generated $ 1.6 billion in net revenue (a little over £ 1.1 billion). 29% of EA’s total revenue. According to the report, it generated about $ 1.4 billion (about £ 1.05 billion) in 2020 and about $ 1.3 billion (more than £ 9 million) in 2019, as the report states. The number continues to grow.

A significant portion of 2021’s revenue came from FIFA alone, but EA does not provide the exact number. Anyway, it’s not surprising that Ultimate Team is EA’s most popular service and that it plans to support it in the future.

With EA’s revenue of only 26% from the sale of premium games, this justifies the company’s decision to focus more on the free play and live service model of the game. Publishers such as Ubisoft and Activision.

That said, the EA method faces backlash from some countries. Belgium has banned loot boxes altogether, and the Netherlands is trying to follow suit.

The report states that EA appealed to this in October and the final decision is pending for the time being, the report states: Financial statements. We do not believe that our products and services violate applicable gambling laws.

Here in the UK, there have been several calls for the loot box to be declared gambling. Even if this leads to regulation of EA games and can’t be sold to anyone under the age of 18, this will close most of EA’s market.

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EA FIFA Ultimate Team made more than £1 billion in 12 months

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