EA has transferred accessibility patents, including Apex Legends’ Ping system

EA uses and extends accessibility-related patents used in some of the largest games, including Apex Legends’ popular Ping system, to make video games more comprehensive for other developers. We are expecting that.

Currently, there are five patents covered by EA’s “Patent Pledge.” This includes publishing the patents pledged by EA, along with a legally binding promise not to sue anyone who uses the patents contained in the pledge.

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One of those patents, the “context recognition communication system,” is the Ping system used by Apex Legends. Innovative features when Apex Legends was first released allow players to improve in-game communication and make the game easier to use without the need for text or voice communication. Since then, the ping system has been mimicked by many other shooters, including Call of Duty: Warzone.

The other three patents allow players with visual problems by “automatically detecting and changing in-game color, brightness, and contrast to improve visibility of objects of similar brightness.” Includes making the game more accessible. These visual patents are used in games such as Madden and FIFA.

The fifth patent, which EA hasn’t actually developed yet, “produces personalized music based on the user’s hearing information and stylistic preferences to best fit the user’s hearing problems. It concerns the technology that EA points out to be used for.

The EA says it plans to add accessibility-related patents to its pledge in the future, while identifying other potential technologies that could be open source.

EA’s Executive Vice President of Positive Play, Commercials and Marketing, Chris Bruzzo, said in a press release that EA’s mission is to “encourage the world to play,” which means that all players will be in video games. This can only be achieved if it is easily accessible.

“We hope that developers will make the most of these patents and make their own pledges that put accessibility first, to encourage people with the same resources, innovation and creativity as we do. “I will,” said Bruzzo. Move the industry forward together. “

Accessibility options are becoming an increasingly important feature for inclusion in games. Games like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart no longer affect the collection of game trophies when accessibility options are enabled. The Last of Us Part 2 also provided a set of particularly robust accessibility tools for players to enable.

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