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EA has increased the capacity of Battlefield 4 servers after a surge in players Battlefield 2042 revealed..

In the post EA website, Community manager “Straatford” said he noticed that the 2013 DICE-developed shooter game in the western United States had a much longer waiting time than in other regions. Correspondingly, EA has increased server capacity in the region, so players should expect less time to wait to enter the game.

“We were absolutely impressed with your excitement and reaction to the recent Battlefield 2042 announcement,” said Straatford.

“Since then, many have returned to Battlefield 4 and are already enjoying a return to the full battle. We are monitoring your experience and the waiting time in the western United States is much higher than in other regions. I’ve noticed a long time. Region. Good news. I’ve increased the server capacity in this region. I can expect less waiting time and more play. “

You can see at a glance the number of simultaneous players in Battlefield 4. SteamDB Beginning in early June, it has grown steadily towards the release of Battlefield 2042 on June 10, revealing a spike that peaked with 11,801 simultaneous players on Sunday, June 13.

Especially in Battlefield 4 on your PC Free gifts from Prime Gaming.. Amazon Prime members will be able to download the game to their PC from early June and the offer will expire on June 21st. I think this offer alone has a lot of new interest in the game.

It seems that Battlefield 4 isn’t the only place to enjoy jumps fueled by Battlefield 2042. Battlefield 1 was bumped on Steam in June, just like Battlefield 5.

Obviously, the excitement around Battlefield 2042 has brought some fans back to the old game. Battlefield 4 was launched with many technical issues that could lead to a disastrous launch, of course, but DICE stuck to the game, three years after its release. Martin Robinson has declared Battlefield 4 one of the best shooters of the generation..

Now we are in Battlefield 2042.Check out the details of the game Martin preview..


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