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EA Legion-My Trading-September 20, 2021

EA Legion Is an automatic advisor that uses order averaging to prevent losses after the price moves in the opposite direction from the first input. The main function of the EA is the ability to open multiple positions consisting of a series of orders. Each position is monitored and advisors can close them when they reach profits based on signals. Alternatively, you can combine all positions based on gross profit. The averaging of a series of orders is not standard, but consists of a list. A list of 10 allows you to specify steps between orders, lots, and number of orders.

  • Recommended currency pairs: AUDNZD, AUDCAD, NZDCAD, GBPCAD, GBPAUD, NZDUSD, EURNZD
  • time frame: M15
  • Test method: All mites, Open price only
  • Recommended MM: 0.01 lots per $ 1000 (for one currency pair)

Important: Check the MagicNumberStart and MagicNumberEnd values ​​for each EA version installed. These must be different. Also, the range of values ​​between these parameters must be twice the MaximumNumberSerieses parameter.

Virtual balance and lot setting

An important parameter for EA operations is the Virtual Balance parameter. If you select a floating lot, the First Lot lot size and lot will increase with each increase in the deposit due to the Virtual Balance value. The size specified in each list of orders. The profit / drawdown percentage is also calculated and depends on the Virtual Balance value. For example, suppose a floating lot size of 0.01 is selected, the profit / drawdown percentage ends at 20, and VirtualBalance = 10,000. This means that if your balance size is 20,000, your first order will start with 0.02 lots. And the whole series ends with 4,000 profits / drawdowns.


After the price moves in the opposite direction from the start of the first order, the next order is opened via the steps specified in the first list of orders. Their numbers are determined by the Ordersnumber parameter. Imagine an order step = 50, an order lot = 0.2, and an order number = 10. Based on this, after raising the price by 50 points from the first order in the position, the first order in the list will be opened in lots of 0.2. After that, if the price fluctuates, the order will be started in the same lot every 50 points. After 10 orders have been opened and the price has passed the distance specified in the second list of Orders step parameters, the order will be opened according to the conditions specified in the second list of orders.

Testing and optimization

The Expert Advisor has been developed for quick setup and testing, so all major actions for opening and closing orders take place at the start of a new bar. EA Legion can be tested and optimized using the “EveryTick” and “Openprices only” methods.

The parameters for finding the entry signal can be optimized by immediately specifying the number of series allowed by the MaximumNumberSerieses parameter. As an example, the parameters in the screenshot below are:

You can also specify and customize the signal , Set your own signal calculation period and entry level for each series as follows:

Sensitivity and SensitivityPeriod are important strategic parameters and need to be adjusted. After this optimization option, you can enter the retrieved values ​​in the ManualEntryPeriods and ManualEntryPeriods parameters to specify the number of series allowed. See the example below.

If SensitivityPeriod = 0 and SensitivityStep = 0, the value specified in ManualEntryPeriods will be used.

Expert Advisor Parameters

―――――― General settings ――――――

  • LanguageInfo -Information output language.
  • MaximumNumberOrders -Maximum number of orders in a series.
  • MaximumNumberSerieses -Maximum number series..
  • TakeProfit -Take profit value.
  • StopLoss -Stop the loss value.
  • MaxSpread -Maximum spread for opening order.
  • Slippage -Slip value.
  • MagicNumberStart -The beginning of the list of magic numbers.
  • MagicNumberEnd -End of list of magic numbers.
  • OpenOrderComment -Comments on orders.

—————— Money setting ——————

  • MMType:
    • repair -Fixed lot.
    • float -floating Many ..
  • First Lot -Lot size of the first order in the series.
  • VirtualBalance -Virtual balance for calculating lots, MMType = FLOAT..
  • PercentProfit -Profit margin for closing all series and orders.
  • Percent Drawdown -Loss rate for closing all series and orders.

—————— Please enter the settings ——————

  • EntryCalculationPeriod -Period for calculating the signal.
  • EntryPeriodStep -Period steps.
  • ManualEntryPeriods -Manual entry of comma-separated periods.
  • Introductory level -Input level value, minimum value 10.
  • EntryLevelStep -Level step, minimum value 1.
  • ManualEntryLevels -Manual entry of comma-separated levels.
  • Sensitivity period -Calculation period sensitivity Parameter.
  • SensitivityPeriodStep -Period steps.

—————— Close settings ——————

  • Profit Accumulator -Previously accumulated profit counters are used to close all series with gross profit.
  • ClosePositionsOnlyProfit -Closed for profit only.
  • ClosePositionsByTotalProfit -Close all series for gross profit.
  • TotalPositionsProfit -Profit at the point of general settlement.
  • ClosePositionsBySignals -Close a series of orders after receiving a signal.
  • ClosePositionsByAverage -Close a series of orders by average.
  • ClosePositionsByAverageModi –Changes to close
  • AverageSearchPeriod -Period to search for closed signals.

—————— Average settings ——————

  • —- Profit setting
    • MultiProfitAfter -Change the TakeProfit value after the specified order. If 0, it does not apply.
    • MultiProfit -Change index TakeProfit..
    • MinProfit -Minimum tolerance TakeProfit worth.
  • —- Order list (1-10)
    • Order step -Order steps.
    • Order lot -Many orders.
    • order number -Number of orders.

Результатытестирования сплавающимлотом

EA Legion-My Trading-September 20, 2021 EA Legion-My Trading-September 20, 2021

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