EA partners with NHL and adidas to combine past and present campaigns

Earlier this year, the EA SPORTS NHL 21 returned to the vault with the NHL 94 Rewind, a throwback to the popular classic NHL 94. This is now available as a pre-order bonus for NHL 21. Now, the EA SPORTS team is working with Adidas and the National Hockey League to reintroduce NHL 94 Rewind as part of the holiday bundle to advance the hockey past and play the recently released reverse retro jersey. Debuting within, the special 80’s and 90’s focused on HUT campaigns with icons that influenced modern NHL stars.

During past and present campaigns, NHL 21 will feature reverse retro jerseys on all 31 NHL teams, incorporating specially crafted adidas jerseys into the game today. Players can wear Katina Coyote sweaters, Nordic-style avalanche jerseys, and pay homage to past styles and be dazzled by the modern weapons of superstar-style movement introduced at NHL21 this year. I can do it.

For players who missed NHL94 Rewind as a pre-order bonus, their beloved Classic is back available through a holiday bundle that includes both NHL21 and NHL94 Rewind for $ 64.99 USD. Players who already have the NHL 21 can purchase the NHL 94 Rewind in-game for $ 9.99. EA Play members will also have access to one of the greatest hockey video games of all time with NHL 94 Rewind, now available in playlists. The NHL 94 Rewind features today’s team and today’s roster with 1994 controls and graphics.

Past and present campaigns reach the Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) in the form of HUT icons. Here are 12 influential players from the 80’s and 90’s who helped inspire today’s games. Notable HUT icons include Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Philhausley, and Grant Farr. See how today’s superstars overlap with the HUT icon in one of NHL21’s most beloved modes starting tomorrow December 4th.

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