EA Play on Game Pass for PC has been postponed to 2021

Patrick Dane, Tuesday, December 15, 2020 17:23 GMT

EA Play takes a little longer than expected to hit the Game Pass on PC.

Microsoft posted a blog post today, revealing that it will take some time to get it. EA Play A considerable library of games on the PC version of the game path.

This service has become a central focus of Microsoft as it expands the Xbox brand into a service-based brand. We currently offer a robust game library for a small fee, which has been improved by including EA Play in our service.

Unfortunately, if you are a PC player, you will have to wait longer than expected. As outlined in the Xbox Wire post, what was planned for today has been postponed a bit. EA Play, which will appear on the PC Game Pass, has been postponed to 2021.

The waiting time is also unclear. There were no instructions on when to land in 2021. However, the Xbox shows that it needs to be “shared more early next year.”

In a post, the Xbox team said: “The partnership with Electronic Arts is a passion for helping people and communities discover great games. We were confident that we could work together to provide a great experience for our members. To do that, we need more time to deliver the Xbox Game Pass experience. “

However, the Xbox Game Pass uses Twitter to make it clear that this doesn’t affect the console if you’re using Game Pass Ultimate.

Hopefully some explanation for this situation will come early rather than later. Having access to a significant vault of EA on your PC as part of your Game Pass subscription is a very attractive deal.

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EA Play on Game Pass for PC has been delayed into 2021

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