EA Play on Xbox Game Pass for PC will be delayed until next year

EA Play will not participate in the PC Game Pass this year (Photo: EA)

Video game delays are one thing, but now the EA is forced to delay making EA Play part of it. For unknown reasons, the Xbox Game Pass on your PC.

EA Play will not be part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC this year, but instead you’ll have to wait until sometime in 2021.

The blog announcing the delay is very vague and it’s not clear if it’s a technical issue or a legitimate one related to the deal between EA and Microsoft.

It’s a shame that not only will PC gamers have access to a variety of recent EA games, but they will also benefit from early access and discounts on regular prices.

“When I first started writing this blog post announcing the availability of EA Play on PCs with the Xbox Game Pass, it looked a bit different,” reads the announcement.

“Unfortunately, the congratulatory post is a bit more patience. We have decided to postpone the release of EA Play on PC until 2021 as part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC and Ultimate membership. did.”

I don’t know why, but it sounds like the decision was made at the last minute. The blog promises to be updated “early” next year, but it’s less specific.

However, this does not affect the console. This seems strange that the problem was only revealed at the very end, but it suggests that it is some technical or logistical problem.

The game pass has become an important selling point for the new generation of Xbox, as Microsoft advertises the Xbox as being playable on multiple devices, not just specific hardware.

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EA Play on Xbox Game Pass for PC suffers last minute delay till next year

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