EA provides Codemasters $ 1.2 billion, surpassing Take-Two

Sheriff Sayed, Monday, December 14, 2020 09:30 GMT

The EA seems to have just come to ruin Take-Two’s move to buy Codemasters.

Take 2 Focusing on UK developers and publishers Code master For a while. Rockstar’s parent company confirmed its intention to acquire the studio for $ 994 million in November.

The publisher was so confident in the move that it advised investors that the acquisition would be completed early in the new year. Unfortunately for Take-Two, EA There were other plans.

The FIFA publisher has officially announced today that it has reached an agreement with the Codemasters board to acquire the company for $ 1.2 billion. This move was first reported by Sky News on Sunday, before EA confirmed it this morning. Like Take-Two’s first bid, this transaction will not be completed until the first quarter of 2021.

Codemasters believes that EA’s extensive expertise in live service operations will support the capabilities and reach of UK developers. The EA will help you acquire a wealth of talent and skills from Codemasters’ various studios and return to dominance of the racing space as well as sports.

“By maximizing EA’s technology, platform expertise, and global reach, this combination will allow us to extend our existing franchises and provide an industry-defining racing experience to our global fan base. It will be, “said Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA.

This could be even more interesting in the coming weeks as Take-Two may be preparing a counter offer.

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EA offers $1.2 billion for Codemasters, outbidding Take-Two

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