EA shuts down 5 Need For Speed ​​games without warning

Need For Speed ​​The Run is no longer available (Photo: EA)

EA not only shuts down the servers for the five Need for Speed ​​games, but also removes them from the digital store.

Suddenly, EA decided to remove five Need for Speed. They don’t come to your home to crush the discs with a hammer, but they’re taking the next best thing by removing the discs from the digital store and turning off the multiplayer server.

As of May 31, Need for Speed ​​Carbon, Need For Speed ​​Undercover, Need For Speed ​​Shift, Need For Speed ​​Shift 2: Unleashed, Need For Speed ​​The Run have been erased from the Internet and either as physical copies or digitally. Only exists in. Those who have already purchased.

The in-game store has also been closed, but you can play online on August 31st, at which point the game will only be offline.

There was no prior warning about this move created by EA Announcement at Reddit that day.

“The decision to end the game is by no means easy, but we are now shifting gear to focus on the future of Need For Speed,” the post said.

Over the years, the development team and operations staff have devoted a lot of time and passion to developing, creating, releasing and maintaining games.However, the number of players has reached a point where it is no longer possible to continue the behind-the-scenes work needed to maintain it. [the games] It is in operation. “

Most other publishers try to keep their games available anyway, but EA also runs its own server on the Xbox, which is much faster than other publishers for older and less popular games. It is famous for discontinuing support.

If you own the game, you can continue to download it, but no one will be able to buy new games or play online anymore.

I’m not sure if Need for Speed ​​the Run will be a hot new product on eBay, but it’s a mystery why EA didn’t warn.

EA is known to be working on a new Need for Speed ​​game, which was recently postponed until 2023.

Some recent games haven’t been a commercial hit, but new games are developed by Burnout and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit creator Criterion. They are currently helping in Battlefield 6.

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EA shuts down five Need For Speed games without warning

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