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NS Philadelphia Eagles According to an official announcement from the team, we activated Dallas Gedelt from the Reserve / COVID-19 list on Thursday morning.

Gedert was originally on the list 9 days before the coronavirus positive test. As a result, he was unable to play in Philly’s sixth week of the game. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.. Gedert’s return means he succeeded in two negative tests at least every 24 hours.

The Eagles are clearly happy to get Gedelt back in time for the team’s 7th week road game. Las Vegas Raiders.. His presence shows that he will boost the attack.

It will be interesting to see exactly what Gedert’s goals and playtime usage will look like after the Eagles have traded with Zach Ertz. He used to split his playing time with veterans, so you’ll think he’ll play a much bigger role. Howie Roseman acknowledged that the desire to see Gedert’s work in the role of Volume TE1 was part of the reason for moving Erz.

“I think we know what’s in Dallas Gedelt. Obviously, when talking about Zack, and how good he is, and how good he is, in fact, he That’s right. To do this, you need to be confident in the people behind him, so I’m looking forward to Dallas. That’s kind of this morning about what we expect from him. It was a conversation. We’ve seen it, but he actually got out there and just didn’t have the opportunity to be a guy and play 80 percent. Zack has given me the last few years. He said he was playing 80 percent of the play in. Just as he wasn’t really splitting the time. So they both split the time. And when they’re splitting the time I’m not sure if either of them was able to get into the rhythm they needed for their kind of player. I’m hoping. This is a certain number before we know. It’s not like you have to look at it. In Dallas you know who he is, but at the same time he has to receive it and run with that baton. I can’t. “

We still don’t know how the Eagles will handle the backup tight end behind Gedelt. If a more experienced player is needed as a TE2, the team can consider promoting Richard Rodgers from the practice team. Otherwise, undrafted rookie free agent Jack Stall can see more play time. The Eagles used the practice team’s protection at Noah Togiai, so he probably calls for TE3.

What we do NS I know that Gedert is back. That’s good news for Philly.

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Eagles activates Dallas Gedelt from Reserve / COVID-19 list Eagles activates Dallas Gedelt from Reserve / COVID-19 list

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