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NS Philadelphia Eagles Hosting Tampa Bay Buccaneers At Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday Night Football. To preview the 6th week of the week match, I contacted the enemy at: Bucs Nation..Hilarious James Jarco He took the time to answer my question about this upcoming slope. Let’s see the answer.

1-How much does Bucks injury relate to you? This game does not have Gronk, Lavonte David, Antoine Winfield. Tom Brady clearly deals with the thumb issue. and so on.

The Buccaneers lost at least one starter in each game this season. They seem to be making up for it now, as 2020 was as good as it was at the forefront of injury. The loss of La Bonte is very painful, especially when it comes to defending the path to catch the tight end as Philadelphia has at Zach Ertz. Obviously, secondary injuries are the most hurt because Bucks has the worst pass defense in the league. This can be primarily due to injuries and the inability of the opposing team to counter them. Many take part in a match against Tampa Bay with an aggressive game plan that has already abandoned the run.

As for Gronck, Bucks’ attack, which struggled against the Patriots, passed defense without him, but last week Dolphin.. Now, when it comes to pass defense, the Eagles are more like putts than dolphins, so it would be interesting to see if the Buccaneers could overcome Gronck’s absence three times in a row.

Sure, I’m worried, but if you want to take an optimistic approach, these injuries are happening fast enough for players to return to their final stretch and postseason.

What are the greatest strengths of 2-Bucs? How should they attack the Eagles?

The attacking side of the ball is certainly a strength of the team, given that most of the injuries have sacrificed the defending players. That said, Tampa Bay’s pass-catching weapons are plentiful, but shouldn’t be the focus in Philadelphia. Buccane should perform the old-fashioned ground-and-pound style with Leonard Fournette on Thursday night.

Fornet claims to be a clear top running back on this team. He should be the focus, setting up the Bucks at a manageable one-third distance and neutralizing the Eagles’ defenses. This is path defense. I hope this will allow at least 20 touches from Fornet to control the watch and help the Tampa defend a bit.

What is the biggest weakness of 3-Bucs? What should the Eagles try to abuse?

The defense that certainly passes. Without David, Philadelphia’s go-to man would be Zack Eltz. Now Devonta Smith has taken his opportunity and there is a deep path for the Eagles throughout the game. Even in a positive match, the Eagles basically give up on Miles Sanders, so unless he’s a passing target, he’s not a factor.

No one has thrown the ball better than this Buccaneers defense, and I don’t think it will change. It’s all about whether the Eagles can take advantage of the opportunities that are there for them. With three or four three-thirds downs in favor of Tampa’s defense, Jalen Hurts is now confident that he will extend his drive with his foot. Bucc cannot allow it as it can be costly at the end of the game.

4-Who wins this game, and why? Score prediction? And what are your expectations for the rest of this Bucks season?

I think this game can be played closer than many believe, but I think Buccane will still get the job done. When I talked about how well Philadelphia lined up with Tampa, I noticed that the 27-13 Tampa Bay score predictions were a bit biased, but this is a neck-to-neck game. But Buccane can convert because the point is a slow turnover or a fourth downstop, so the score doesn’t really show how close the game was.

On the rest of the road, I’m still hoping Tampa is at the top of the NFC and heading towards the top of the NFL. They are very talented and well taught. Now it’s about getting healthy. Top corners (one is back), top tight end, top pass rushers (and then back), captains and inside linebackers, and top safety and I don’t think there are too many teams to lose. Is 4-1. For most teams, it’s a death sentence. Once they are back in full power, they will be one of the two best teams in football, Bouncy ball..

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Eagles-Buccaneers Game Preview: 4 Questions and Answers with Enemies Eagles-Buccaneers Game Preview: 4 Questions and Answers with Enemies

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