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To be honest, I was rooting for the division victory just for fun. Top 5 picks are also good.

Brandon Graham

We’re officially in root mode for fun this Eagles season — maybe we’re for a while — and perhaps the most entertaining of the fun is Brandon Graham’s 10-bag season.Even after his early controversial career, a longtime fan favorite — he was good, but certainly not Earl Thomas — Graham finally got that elusive. Pro bowl Bidding to play as one of the best all-round defensive ends in NFC.

But for Graham, who saw 9.5 and 8.5 sack in two of the last three seasons, the double-digit sack season has yet to be achieved.Graham has 8.0 sack this season after sacking the Cowboys late in the game when the game is still barely reachable, leaving one game Washington football team..

The two-bag match is a difficult question, but Graham played two matches this season. Washington’s tackles are pretty bad, and the football team quarterbacks (Dwayne Haskins, Taylor Heinicke, Alex Smith) aren’t the toughest. knock down. That is what I support.

Matt Prior

Give me this moment.

Darius Srey

Hey: Great sley game!

Well, anything would look great compared to the performance Eagles got from Michael Jake and Nickel Roby-Coleman — but in all seriousness, Srey played well. He discouraged the target and won his first pick as an Eagle (the first pick of the Eagles cornerback this season) with a great play on Invert Cover 2.

He is still the best corner the Eagles have had for years.

Jaylen Mills

Did you think that the mismanagement of personnel fire resistance in Jim Schwartz’s defensive backfield was just an elaborate plan to keep Jalen Mills appearing to be the least of all evil?He has 1 Good coverage personnel and we are all sighing at ease in the outer corner.


Is it better than John High Tower? Better than John High Tower.

Carson Wentz

To be honest, this game was a win for Carson Wentz. Because it was a defeat for Jaylen Hearts. The victory over the Cowboys would have further solidified Hearts’ leadership position to win his first job at the 2021 season camp, assuming both Hearts and Wentz were on the roster at the time. However, Hearts struggled and after the opening script expired, the limits of his game became apparent.

The wound rebounds — he’s a crazy guy. But Wentz must prove a bit that Hearts’ magic is gone in the regular season and emphasize that it has always been true. There are more issues than just quarterbacks. It doesn’t exempt Wentz at all — it’s just a fact. A zero-sum game in the Eagles quarterback room.

Doug Pederson

I’m not sure how Doug decided which 4 down to choose in this game. I do not mind. He is very good at opening the receiver with Hurts’ simple and effective one-lead design. It’s arguable whether Hearts needs to be so pampered, but Pederson has been igniting in opening scripts and playdesign for the past few weeks. We will talk about run / pass balance and the fourth decision. I want an aggressive designer to free a guy in a pass game and create a lane in a running game, but he does both.

I will stun Pederson forever.

Jim Schwartz

No one was great today, but Schwartz has multiple responsibilities. Schwartz was inevitably flexible to be called a good defense coordinator against the saints, and soon returned to a simple plan and stubborn rigidity against the Cardinals and Cowboys.

It’s not just “Oh, Eagles should play zones, not humans.” It’s not that simple. The simple idea is humility as a coordinator. Recognizing that the Cowboys’ aggressive coaching staff are targeting Michael Jake in one-on-one defense, “I do what they expect and probably give up big play or do something they don’t expect. You can give up big play. “

If you’re taking risks, throwing punches, trying to create your own explosive play through turnovers or sack, you can give up big play, especially if you have a limited number of people. .. That was one example when the Eagles flipped Cover 2 to intercept Srey. But it was too little and too late. Just sitting there and taking a punch is unacceptable in a winning game like this later in the season.

Michael jacket

I’m not going to focus on the young man who won the winner last week for his brave efforts against DeAndre Hopkins. But you know you had a tough day when the former media NFL DB asked the production team to stop riding the camera to avoid embarrassment.

Nickel Roby-Coleman

NRC cannot get the mercy of a jacket.He was brought in as a cheap veteran and expectations should have been kept low, but the Eagles front office and coaching staff I went to gassing him, And he is bad all year round. The Eagles will need to win multiple starting caliber corners this offseason.

Howie Roseman

I was so excited that I couldn’t think of one player because I wanted to emphasize the younger players in the winners section. Which rookie deserves love when Jim Schwartz does not play Keren Wallace against Rudy Ford and Jalen Hurts suffers from the defense that caused him to throw football? The Eagles 2020 class looks as poor as the 2019 and 2018 classes. This was first and foremost indicted in the front office. The money stops at Howie.

Matt Prior

Matt Pryor has 18 false start penalties and can’t play tackles, but guards can’t play either, so go there. Maybe Lions will pay him $ 50 million in five years as a free agent.

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts is in this section because he didn’t play as much in his efforts to defeat the Cowboys as he did in his strong opening performance against Saints and his brave reversal effort against Cardinals. .. He was a bit less accurate than usual, but he was better than Wentz, especially with deep balls to DeSean Jackson and Kez Watkins. He was heavily scrambled, smart outside his pocket, picked up the yard with his feet and threw the ball away to avoid sacking. He wasn’t good at reading in the middle of the field and easily missed under completion in goal-to-go and third-down situations that hindered the drive.

It was painful throughout the season. The big difference this week is that I didn’t hit the 3rd and 20th touchdowns, or the 4th and 3rd hero play in the Red Zone. Hearts are down and disproportionately good, with the most people on board. As he settled down to normal play levels with those critical downs, the Eagles attack found that more drives were struggling to get off the ground.

It’s okay — he’s still young, and the pendulum always intended to look in the opposite direction. Unless you’re previously convinced that Hearts is a future QB, there’s no reason to make Hearts’ future outlook worse. No competition required. He hasn’t proved it in his play yet.

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Eagles-Cowboys Week 16:13 Winners, Losers, and I’m Dannos Eagles-Cowboys Week 16:13 Winners, Losers, and I’m Dannos

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