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The· Philadelphia Eagles (4-9-1) and Dallas Cowboys (5-9) will play at AT & T Stadium this Sunday. To preview this big 16th week match, I contacted the enemy at: Boys blog.. Diplomat Dave Halprin kindly answered my question about the upcoming inclination. Let’s take a look at his answer. (Check out my side of the exchange at BTB.)

1) What does he deserve if he needs to give Mike McCarthy a grade for the first season of work?

I would probably give him a C minus. And that’s a bigger improvement than what I would have given him about a month ago.The Cowboys looked like a broken team heading for the match Pittsburgh Steelers.. They were 2-6 at the time they just lost to the Eagles, and things looked really dark. Efforts on the ground were questioned, and the team’s instructions were challenged in the changing room. I just felt a disaster. At that point, McCarthy would have had a big fat F.

But then the Cowboys played the then undefeated Steelers, took part in the game, and finally lost in Pittsburgh’s comeback. Even if they lost, the Cowboys played hard and competitively, and things started to look a little brighter. Since that match, the team is 3-2, even though they have won less competition. It was clear that the team did not stop McCarthyism, and what they were trying to install in defense was beginning to take hold. They aren’t good teams yet, but they are competitive teams that look radically different from the teams in the first half of the season.

We must acknowledge McCarthy’s achievements by bringing the team together and not breaking them apart. No one is cramming it, and they are fighting hard for the playoff spot. He also kept Keren Moore as an aggressive coordinator and called the play. It was a wise move as the attacks were crushing it when they had Dak Prescott in the quarterback. Not everything he did is great. He made some really suspicious in-game decisions, and he, along with defense coordinator Mike Nolan, sought to completely change the defense scheme of the COVID era in a limited off-season without a pre-season. It turned out to be a disaster. Given the large staff changes and injuries during the difficult off-season, he probably deserves an incomplete performance in 2020, and we’ll see what he’ll get next year.

2) Which Eagles quarterback do Cowboys fans prefer to be Philly’s starter in 2021? Carson Wentz or Jaylen Hearts?

It’s that easy. We would rather face Carson Wentz. Given the turnover and sack issues, and the low completion rate, he feels much easier to plan the game and he doesn’t intend to take over the game. From an outsider’s point of view, it feels like Wentz is suppressing the Eagles attack rather than moving it forward. Hurts, on the other hand, offers a true dual threat as a QB that fits the Cowboys. He’s just a kind of quarterback that regularly disrupts the Cowboys’ defenses. I’ve only seen him in a few games, and the Eagles attack looks much better under the center than in Wentz. If Hearts has a tape and has to face a team doing gamepan to shut him down, he needs to see how it works, but he is now Wentz. Seems to be a better QB than.

3) What are the current Cowboys’ greatest strengths?

The Cowboys’ current greatest strength is their receiving corps. Specifically, Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, and tight-end Dalton Schultz. Dallas attacks look pretty good when it’s talented and they can get the chance. Of course, it looked much better when Dak Prescott was playing, but Andy Dalton is starting to take advantage of them, even though it’s a much shorter pass game than under Prescott. .. The problem is the Cowboys attack line struck by the injury (you know it well). Providing Dalton’s protection is unstable and therefore requires the ball to be removed from his hand much faster. Still, if he can get the ball, they can play.

Its receiving corps is a strength, but one of the problem areas they have is drop. If they can clean it up, they can make this patched attack look pretty capable. Of course, they have recently been helped by a sudden swarm of turnovers creating short fields. The Cowboys probably don’t want the ball to run well, and Dalton is okay only as a QB, so it’s up to the recipient to keep humming the attack.

4) What are the current Cowboys’ biggest weaknesses?

Randy defense. That’s terrible. The team is free to run in the defense of Dallas. In some games you have to sit down and wonder why the opposite attack is called a pass spray. I think it got a little better in this area last month or so, but it’s still a big problem. They play inexperienced young men in Defensive Harness, and the linebacker duo of Jaron Smith and Layton Vander Esch are really disappointed in their play. And now Vander Esh is out on Sunday. They also have safety issues. The safe addition of Donovan Wilson to the lineup has helped and Defense is beginning to understand and implement Mike Nolan’s defense scheme much better than it was earlier this season. Although there were improvements, there was always a problem with handling mobile quarterbacks that allow you to pick up the yard with your feet. I don’t think it will change this week, so Jalen Hurts should give a big number.

5) Who won this game and why? Score prediction? And what do you expect from this Cowboys off-season? Are there any changes in coaching? What about Dak Prescott?

This game feels like a real toss to me. It can go in either direction. The Cowboys have improved and are beginning to be consistent with Andy Dalton and the attack line, but have also discovered the ability to create turnovers. However, they are still giving up a lot of yards and points of defense, and their run game is not strong. I think the real key is that the Cowboys defense can’t remove the Eagles offense from the field. Hearts consistently picks up the first down of the key with his foot. I’ve seen it happen many times as the Cowboys try to contain mobile quarterbacks. Eagles 27-Cowboys 24.

The Cowboys need to improve their defenses this offseason. If the Cowboys regain their injured line of attack in 2021 and regain their quarterbacks (more on this later), they need to make another powerful attack. But their defense requires an infusion of talent. It’s my big expectation for the Cowboys in the off-season and adds to the defense in free agents and drafts.

When it comes to coaches, the big problem is keeping Mike Nolan as the defense coordinator. I was devoted to bringing in new people, but Mike McCarthy wanted Nolan, so he might ask him to get another year to prove his plans. not.

As for Dak Prescott, it’s clear that the Jones family needs to have him sign. In the first five games of the year before he was injured, the Cowboys were an attacking elite. His number was astounding. When he was gone, the crime collapsed. He is very valuable to the Cowboys. They have to get him to sign a long-term contract, and I’m guessing they’ll. They made a mistake because they didn’t accomplish it in the last offseason, and they certainly don’t want to rely on franchise tags again. I’m about 95% confident that Cowboys ownership will be granted this year and will meet Prescott’s contractual requirements.

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Eagles in Cowboys Game Preview: 5 Questions and Answers with Enemies Eagles in Cowboys Game Preview: 5 Questions and Answers with Enemies

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