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Dynamic Jalen Hurts on the road to the future of the
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is on the road to making the team’s off-season very simple. Second-year passers-by led Philly to victory in three of the last four games, emerging as a dynamic run / pass threat. If that continues, and if they continue to win the game behind him, the results will be dramatic. Sources explained this week what that means. Eagles don’t have to spend valuable draft capital to chase the famous and famous QB to do that. They wouldn’t need Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, or any other passerby whose name was ravaged by last year’s off-season trade rumors. Their search will be over. If Hearts continues to play this way, the Eagles will get their best results possible, sources say. There is no QB search as they have it for the future they are excited about. And the ability to use two and perhaps three first round picks that are clear in other positions to build a team.

Jalen Hurts, a “consistent and stable” Eagles quarterback, has grown into a vocal leader-inquirer
Hearts emphasized consistency while delivering the message. “That’s what I always preach,” Hearts said. “I think it’s very important to polish the details, be consistent and attack every day. I said the same thing all year round — we polish to the standard, regardless of the outcome of the game. And we have to live and die according to that standard. We want to attack and be consistent every day. That’s what we’re aiming for here. It’s always just me. I’ve never had a label or name. I just get out there and be myself. I’ve been given the opportunity to lead this football team and it’s of high value I hold it with respect. It’s something I take very seriously and it’s important to me. I want to set the right example for everyone. I do my job. I want to make sure I’m doing it and continue to do that. “

Why Eagles Jalen Hurts treats praise like
“Rodenticide for me is something I don’t want to hear,” Hearts said. “I don’t want to hear good things, I don’t want to hear bad things. I can control what I can do and keep the main things the main things. I’m worried about my standards. I’m worried about my goals, my standards, my goals as a soccer team, and what I want to attack. ”Hearts said his experience from college was all noise, good or bad. Said it helped to learn to get rid of. “I have experienced so many rat poisons in my life,” Hearts said. “I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen the good, and I’ve seen the bad. I really learned how to block it all. I’m there what I can’t really care what you’re saying. It doesn’t make a difference in how I prepare, nor does it make a difference between the ultimate goal and what it’s for us and me. I learned to block it over time. “

Eagles-Giants Game Preview: 5 Questions and Answers with Enemies in NFC East-BGN
The Philadelphia Eagles (5-6) will face the New York Giants (3-7) at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. I contacted my enemies on Big Blue View to preview the game for the 12th week of the week. Serious Ed Valentine kindly answered my question about this next slope. Let’s see the answer.

Giants vs. Eagles: Can the Giants make this a real rival again? -Big blue view
This is college football rival week. The New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles should also be rivals. The Giants have lost 3-13 to the Eagles since 2013, except for eight consecutive losses before the victory in the second half of the 2020 season. What happens on Sunday at MetLife Stadium? In the “Five Question Segments”, we talked about it with Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation.

Eagles Week 12 Match vs Giants 5 Over / Under-Philly Voice
One of the things that can prevent the game from failing is the lack of offensive players not named Saquon Barkley that the Giants are expected to have, and the Eagles suddenly becoming a run heavy team. If you have a lot of slow and monotonous drives, or obviously a lot of three outs, this can certainly find an under. However, the Eagles were still a dangerous team when it came to hitting big play, even though they didn’t throw a ton of the ball. This happens to be what the Giants’ defense is really good at, at least for orchids. That said, it’s hard to dislike what the Eagles attack sees, and even if they make a big lead, it can bring some garbage points for the Giants. Boy, it’s fun to talk about the point of garbage when the Eagles aren’t scoring …

Gameday – NYG’s PHI-Iggles Blitz
The Giants have given up more than 400 yards in 6 out of 10 games this year. Five teams have scored at least 27 points this season. Eagles offenses should be able to move the ball and score points. The Giants have at least one point in every game of the year. If they can come up with sales, it will change everything. Sales are the X factor for all games. I don’t know what to expect from the Giants attack. They fired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Freddie Kitchens will take over the play caller. Defense coaches can study what he has done in the past (CLE), but they don’t know what he does with players in this group. The scheme cannot be changed. It’s just how to create a game plan and how to call play. This change gives the Giants a little advantage, but they still have mediocre personnel. Daniel Jones is one of the most volatile QBs in the league. He sometimes looks real, and then looks terrible to others. He threw 7 INTs this year and lost 5 fumbles. Eagles D should have a chance to play big. It’s good that Darius Srey has passed the concussion protocol and is playing in this game.

Future considerations of O-line in Roob’s 10 random observations-NBCSP
7. Are you crazy about wanting to see JJ Arsega-Whiteside in the field now rather than Jalen Reagor? JJAW looked better on the 23-yard important catch-and-run against Saints than the leaguer saw all year round.

Eagles-Giants Week 12 Cheat Sheets: News, Matches, Watching Players, etc.-Athletic
Berman: Don’t make this too complicated. The Eagles are a hotter team, a healthier team (and haven’t played in a short week) and are excellent along the line of scrimmage. It’s a good combination. Given the way the Eagles are running the ball and the fact that the Giants are ranked 30th in the Land Defense DVOA NFL, this is also an advantageous match. I don’t suggest this looks like a Lions match, and perhaps a change in coordinator will give some juice to the Giants’ attack. Division games can often follow different scripts. Eagles are not very popular. This indicates that this may be close. But I hope the Eagles will score early and the defensive lines, especially the interior, will reach Jones. The Eagles win and cover. Eagles 28, Giants 17

NFL Week 12 Betting: Darius Butler’s Favorite Bet of the Week-PFF
Philadelphia Eagles of the New York Giants (-3.5). The two starting QBs of this contest seem to be heading in opposite directions. The Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is getting better and playing confidently every week, but the Giants quarterback Daniel Jones’ aggressive coordinator was fired after an embarrassing performance with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Eagles’ defense is becoming more opportunistic as cornerback Darius Slay is expected to enter the end zone each week. Srey is currently the eighth highest performing cornerback in PFF. We expect him to make several splash plays this week against the Jones and Giants offenses.

NFL DFS: Draft Kings Week 12 Main Slate Best Stack-Fake Team
Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles are now rolling in an attack that wants to rely on their ground games. Hearts averaged 23.6 points in DraftKings this season, lagging behind Brady and Herbert in the main slate. If Miles Sanders has a final reward week, this should be a week as Jordan Howard will play in the Eagles and the Giants will allow the fifth most points per game for a running back in DraftKings. .. If Philadelphia chooses to throw the ball, DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert are the two main targets. I’m not against using the Hearts and Sanders single stack, as the Eagles can choose to bang football on Sunday and provide a stuffy defense against enemies in the NFC East.

Source: New York Giants Sake One Berkeley (ankle) likely to play against the Eagles-ESPN
The New York Giants, who returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night and missed four games in a row due to an ankle injury, told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Saturday, sources said. I plan to play against. Berkeley, who is listed as suspicious, claims his ankles are improving, but also admitted that he could be “persistent” throughout the rest of the season on Friday. He was a limited participant in this week’s practice. “The ankle is likely to be persistent throughout the season whenever you hurt it,” Berkeley said on Friday. “But that’s what you have to stay. You have to keep up and it gets better week by week.”

Analyzing Week 12 NFL Weather What Does It Mean for Fantasy and Betting-DraftKings Nation
It’s possible that it will rain slightly at the Giants’ Eagles-MetLife Stadium, but unless the forecast changes, it doesn’t matter. Temperatures are in the low 40s and winds weaken at 3 mph.

Cowboys Lessons Learned After Losing 36-33 to the Raiders: Focusing on the NFC East-Boys Blog
Eagles is a real challenge for Dallas to hang in the department and overcome, and it’s easy to schedule. They’re still on week, with matches against the New York Jets, followed by all matches against the New York Giants and the Washington Football Team, followed by a season finale hosting Dallas. The NFL scheduler backloaded things across the league and played division matches in December and January. The Eagles can be the most extreme case of playing a previous division game with Dallas only once. Soccer teams are also showing signs of improvement, but the Eagles look better than them and the Giants. On paper, you have to win all the remaining 6 games. In other words, the Cowboys have to win the remaining four games. They won the first meeting with Philadelphia. This can be important if things settle down on the tiebreaker. However, the Cowboys lost three games they could have won in November, based on the team’s records and performance they faced. They didn’t. Currently, there are four division games left, and they often don’t go as planned. And three of them are away games at the outdoor stadium. Dallas is not a cold climate team.

Washington fans’ confidence grows with consecutive victories and a resurgence of playoff potential-Hogs Haven
But it feels like a lifetime for Washington Football Team fans. Four of the five fans surveyed this week showed confidence in the team’s direction and a dramatic recovery from the last few weeks when confidence levels bottomed out.

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Eagles News: Jayren Hearts “is on the road to the future of the Eagles” Eagles News: Jayren Hearts “is on the road to the future of the Eagles”

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