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Will the Eagles Stay or Go: Howie Roseman-Philly Voice
A common solution thrown is for Roseman to maintain the cap management role and another HR manager to be promoted or brought in from outside. The reputation Roseman has gained as an elite cap expert is puzzling. As noted above, the team is projected to fall below the salary cap by $ 70 million in 2021 as a result of a series of contract mistakes. But again, let’s be real. Even if the HR manager is brought in, as Joe Douglas once did, Roseman will be the captain of the ship and should not pretend to be anything else.

NFL Mock Draft Roundup: Early Survey of Eagles Options-BGN
This is certainly a very basic view, but the Eagles need to focus on finding the perfect star, almost regardless of position. They can’t get too involved in “fitness” and “necessity” as they did when they chose Jalen Reagor last year. They must do their best to add elite-level talent to the missing roster.

From Breecher’s # 47: Eagles Season Compliments-BGN Radio
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For Doug-Iggles Blitz
In general, it is difficult to evaluate Doug. The attack lacked creativity for most of the season. The 2017 team looked great, but then Frank Like and John Defilippo left. Since then, crime has been volatile. Were they brains? If you watch the Eagles game after the fact, you will see an open receiver. Carson Wentz did not see them consistently. Jalen Hurts also missed his share. Theatrical design is working, but execution is not. What is good to play if your QB can’t do it effectively? The scheme may not work. Pederson asked the marginal players to win too many one-on-one battles. That’s fine when you have a great office lady and a talented pass catcher in their prime. It’s very different when John Hightower, JJ Arsega Whiteside, and Greg Ward are about to open.

Doug Pederson can lead the Eagles turnaround if the front office allows him-ESPN
Despite their pure intentions and wise guidance, the perception that Roseman and Lully have invaded Pederson’s territory and limited his power has been respected by Pederson, both inside and outside the organization. Not given a level Bouncy ball A winning coach is needed and deserves it. Given how bad the situation on the field this season is, if you decide to continue with Pederson as a coach, it’s not surprising that the top trend is to take on more control to correct the ship. There is none. But that only pushes the team further in the wrong direction. What Pederson needs is the right space to build staff within his vision. They must, in his way, trust his ability to return this team to a competitive position and ensure that he is an equal partner. “I know what it needs. I personally belong to three Super Bowls, three Super Bowl teams and how it is done. I’ve seen it exactly, “he said. “We need to get it back.” If they can’t give Pederson that latitude, they’d better go ahead.

NFL Pick: Week 17 Forecast Against Spreads-Athletic
Washington at Eagles (+2). For Washington, the scenario is simple. If Alex Smith can’t go, they will rely on Taylor Heinicke. For Eagles fans, this is a situation they can’t win. If you lose this game, Washington will enter. If you win this game, you will be either the Giants or the Cowboys. However, winning also means losing a draft position. In the season they messed up almost everything, I feel it will be the most offensive result for Eagles fans. Pick: Eagles (+2).

Your 17th Week NFL Matchup Guide: Start the Last Battle of the Playoffs-Ringer
Smith will face the Eagles, whose defense has been shredded against the Cowboys last week, after defensive harness Fletcher Cox left the game. The Eagles have already been excluded from the playoffs battle, but despair never stopped Philadelphia from trying to miser others. This is the end of the 2020 regular season.The· Washington football team You can hardly fight a soccer team. Still, it’s as confusing as looking at the claws of the 6-9 Washington team to make the playoffs, but it’s strangely exciting. After Alex Smith finished everything, he was able to finish the season by clinching the postseason spots in just a few days in 2021. In the dark and cloudy season, you can end up with unexpected rays.

In the big picture, the Eagles need to put the aggressive line back in the strength
In Game 16, a Sunday night game in front of national television viewers acting as spoilers in NFC East, the Eagles are in a familiar, very unpleasant position to patch very unpleasant lines together. With that unfamiliar role, there is a 14th different start combination in 17 weeks. Opponent is Washington, starting the season with eight quarterback sack against Carson Wentz, and perhaps the best group in the NFL with four previous first round draft topics extending end-to-end-and another before. Round 1 Pickoff Bench – Speed ​​to the end of the night and collective power that doesn’t appear very often in the league. Jordan Myrata on the left tackle is a question mark for the concussion protocol and Sunday’s match, and it’s very likely that the Eagles will be forced to rock things again on the line of scrimmage. Challenge-loving aggressive line coach Jeff Stoutland doesn’t blink when a young player like Brett Toss has to be placed in one of the tackle spots. Because Stoutland has done that throughout the season.

McNab claims “not drinking” on the eve of the Super Bowl-NBCSP
“I’ve been talking to my teammates ever since, and I know he was playing the night before. He was playing the night before the biggest match in almost all of our career. “Owens said while playing in the pool with Tess Fashion. “People who saw him the night before said he was drunk, and I think it was because he threw him into a secret talk.”

Evans: DFS Pass Report Prior to NFL Week 17-PFF
The Eagles have one of the wildest target distributions across the NFL. Gregward was the only wide receiver to post a route rate of over 50% while Philadelphia was deploying rotations elsewhere. In particular, DeSean Jackson has returned with a bang, pulling his only target for an 81-yard touchdown. Classic De Sean. Dallas Gedert was overwhelmed. This explains his 28% route rate to 78% for Zack Eltz. If Gedert misses the 17th week, Erz will be the only pass catcher who can assert that more than 50% of the snaps are on the field.

Giants-Cowboys Storyline: Playoffs and Draft Scenarios, Dave Gettleman’s Future, and More-Big Blue View
Are these the last few days of Dave Gettleman’s term as GM? I have no intention of re-litigating “whether he should stay or go”. argument. We did that. You can read the various links in the sidebar to see my rating during Gettleman’s three-year tenure. Will Sunday’s results influence co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch’s decision to do at GM, or has that choice already been made? I don’t know what will happen. I continue to feel that there is a valid debate to be made about both Gettleman staying and going. I also continue to feel that the most important factor is how ownership recognizes the partnership between Gettleman and his coach, Joe Judge.

After further review: Randy Gregory spies on flies and CJ Goodwin blocking Eagles attacks-Blogging The Boys
Everyone is feeling better Dallas Cowboys It’s an attack because we’ve scored 30 points each in the last three games, but we can’t rule out defense because the group has kept their opponents below 17 points in two of the last three games. The defense held them in that total only twice throughout the year. In that same span, the defense stole the ball at least three times. These sales play a major role in why the Cowboys won the football game, even though they abandoned the sum of the second and third most yards of the season. So how did the Cowboys achieve this victory? Make sure you learn a second time through the game film in this week’s Defensive Edition of After Future Review.

SB Nation NFL Expert Chooses Week 17-SB Nation
It all comes down to this. We are usually accustomed to the final round of the regular season being a calm shore to the playoffs. Yes, there are always two games that solve things, but there is no such thing. Currently, there are seven playoff spots across NFC and AFC, allowing four different teams to rock and sneak in from the 17th week onwards. This is the amazing end of a strange season. This week we’ll take a closer look at the games that determine the playoffs.

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Eagles News: Pollsters show that over 95% of fans think they need to replace Howie Roseman Eagles News: Pollsters show that over 95% of fans think they need to replace Howie Roseman

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