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The Philadelphia Eagles Reported from the restricted free agent Nate Harbig, who has the right to the first refusal bid. NFL Insider Adam Chef Ter.

The right to this first rejected bid is the lowest possible RFA bid. This is a one-year contract offer worth about $ 2.4 million.

It’s unlikely, but at least another team could sign Herbig an offer sheet. In that case, the Eagles will have a week to match the offer or decide to allow him to walk. Given that Harbich was first signed as an undrafted rookie-free agent, Eagles will not be compensated for draft topics at his departure.

Bleeding Green Nation previously raised a question About Eagles using this RFA bid at Herbig.

Review: Herbig didn’t see a regular start until both Brooks and Driscoll entered the season. He was surprisingly inactive in a playoff game with the Eagles Bucks.

Prospect: The Eagles seem to be Harbig enough to get to him when they really need it … but they aren’t really keen on taking him out to the field. Herbig is a restricted free agent for this off-season. He will cost $ 2.4 million to bid him at the lowest level. He’s not worth it when the Eagles can find quality depths around Jeff Stoutland on a regular basis. The Eagles give him some money in advance, but need to measure his interest in signing a short contract extension that keeps him cheap and keeps him under the control of the team for an additional year. Otherwise, let him test the free agency and bring him back only if he is not interested in the market. In connection with Doug Pederson, I was able to see Jaguar may be interested in Harvey.

Herbig is a decent, experienced, versatile depth option, and at just 23 years old, it could offer an undeveloped upside down. Extending this RFA bid isn’t the worst thing they can do, but it will be the 18th highest number in the 2022 salary cap. This is when he is not a starter and is not necessarily a top backup. Because Jack Driscoll may be in front of him on the depth chart.

The Eagles will be required to offer RFA bids to the remaining restricted free agents, Boston Scott and Greg Ward, until 4 pm on Wednesday, March 16. Otherwise, both will be unlimited free agents. This is likely to happen. In related news, Alex Singleton is reported not to be bid..


Score Eagles placing the lowest RFA bid on Nate Harbig

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Eagles reportedly offers Nate Harbig the lowest RFA bid Eagles reportedly offers Nate Harbig the lowest RFA bid

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