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The· Philadelphia Eagles (4-10-1) and Washington football team (6-7) will play at Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday. To preview the 17th week of the week’s match, which was stupidly changed to prime time, I contacted the enemy at: Hoggs Haven.. The respectable Andrew York kindly answered my question about the next slope. Let’s take a look at his answer. (Check out my side of the exchange at HH.)

1-Washington fans want the team to play off?

Yes, almost all fans want the team to play off at this point. The “Team Tank” crowd had an impact only when they were watching the top three picks and seemed to have consensus franchise-changing players like Trevor Lawrence and Penacy Well. think. But at the moment, the best choice we can make is 7th overall, and there isn’t much of a gap between 7th and 20th overall. At that point, you need to do good reconnaissance to find a really good player. Players like Lamar Jackson (32nd pick), TJ Watt (30th pick), and our own Monte Sweat (26th pick) were taken near the end of the first round and they It surpassed many who were taken in front of. Attempting to establish a culture of victory and confidence in the locker room, which can only be done by winning, is now much more valuable. The front office is worried about ensuring that you get the best players we have chosen in the draft.

2-Washington’s roster is great, but their unwanted quarterback situation ultimately hinders them. What should they do to fix that location?

I think some combinations of Alex Smith or Kyle Allen are enough to stay competitive next year. Alex Smith has been 4-1 while starting the team so far this season, but the big problem for him is his health and longevity (the team knows better than I do). Kyle Allen’s overall passer rating this year was 99.3, his QBR was 73.5, and the attack went pretty well with him (and if not injured, Allen might still be underway). If Smith is unhealthy, Allen could be much better than the fourth QB in the draft or the QB found as a free agent. The important thing is that you don’t need a good QB to carry your team. All you need is a game manager who doesn’t make the mistake of losing the game. The defensive and running game can be a unit that carries the team. OC Scott Turner seems to be carrying out a very QB-friendly attack, and even the 4-string QB Taylor Heinecke was able to post a 102.3 QBR in North Carolina last week. Only Dwayne Haskins didn’t seem to be able to do that.

QB is still our need, but it is one of many needs, selling out and exchanging large amounts of draft capital for mediocre veterans like Stafford, or another RG3 for QB. I don’t think you should go for a style trade-up draft. If a decent veteran QB is available at a reasonable trading price, or if you like the QB we chose, you should choose him, but if any of them are too expensive, then You need to focus on building the rest of the team first. There is no magical way to move from last year’s 3-13 teams to the next. Bouncy ball We will be the winner next year, so we should be patient and incorporate what is available.

3-How would you rate Ron Rivera’s first year performance?

If I give him a letter grade, I will give him a B. The overall result on the record of wins and losses is C worthy, but I think he had to overcome many adversities (fighting cancer, education) with a new system of shortened off-season, season Evaluate a new player who has no previous game, the QB situation gets messy and evaluates him on the curve. Most importantly, players in the second half of the season play harder than in the first half, and their performance is significantly improved. This is exactly what he expected when he started. There were a lot of rough patches early on, until players learned the system, teams experimented with different players, and found the best starting combination, but in the middle of the season they actually started clicking. Without the really terrible QB performance by Haskins these days, we would already be clinching the division and be much more confident about the team.

4-What are Washington’s strengths and weaknesses towards this game?

When it comes to defense, our greatest strengths are DL and DB groups. We know the quality of the DL, but our DB group is a little daunting. CB Kendall Fuller and Ronald Derby play very well outside, and seven-round rookie Kamren Karl does an outstanding job in the middle of the SS field, as if he stole a draft. I can see it. However, FS and LB are still weak. The LB Group, in particular, has been the Achilles heel of defense throughout the season. They have given up many short passes, and many of the long runs we give up are because LB missed their gap allocation. It looks better these days, but let’s see if it continues.

In attack, our greatest strengths are OL and running games, and our greatest weakness is generally pass games. Despite the participation of some cheap free agents as starters, OL coach John Matsuko seems to have performed much better than expected for this unit, as he often did in Carolina (Andrew No. Turns an undrafted player like Well into a big free agent). RB’s Antonio Gibson and JD Maxic have been signed off-season, far exceeding most people’s expectations. The problem was in the pass game. WR Terry McLaughlin is unlikely to play due to a high ankle sprain and lacks a healthy WR to start with most NFL teams. TE Logan Thomas is far better than expected this season, but he’s still not a pass catcher who can make an attack. As I wrote mid-week, QB Alex Smith is suspicious and will probably have some restrictions if he plays. If Smith doesn’t play, he literally takes a class and looks to Taylor Heinecke, who had a degree from Old Dominion University a month ago. That said, Heinecke seemed to be doing better than Haskins last week, so it’s probably an improvement over what we had in the first week.

5-Who will win this game, and why? Score prediction? And what do you expect for this next offseason?

Any team can win on any Sunday, so they never pass the Eagles to end their playoff hopes. That said, I think Washington is still likely to win. The Eagles are again quite injured, which makes life difficult. I think our DL will be a big problem again for your office lady. Also, Hearts seems to be getting worse with each game he started, so I suspect the team has begun to understand him. Or he’s starting to get nervous after making so many NFL hits behind that OL. Our defense is pretty good and the Eagles run defense is always good so I think it will be a low score issue. And you will need to run the ball in the attack. Therefore, I support Washington and anticipate something like 24-17.

As for the off-season … I think I drew a good blueprint last year’s off-season with the signature of a free agent. This wasn’t a star, but it was for a cheap veteran who far exceeded this season’s contract. As the saying goes, “Fill the holes in the free agent and find the stars in the draft.” I think the exception to this is the possibility of signing a large free agent WR and possibly LB. This can easily be afforded given the situation of the cap. What we are doing at QB is a big issue and I think all the options should be at the table. QB Kyle Allen should almost certainly be retained. He has been playing well this season and can give him exclusive rights bids. It only costs something like $ 2 million against the cap. Even if he’s a backup, it’s a bargain. If Alex Smith is healthy, he may stay, but if they really want to focus on the long run and release the cap, they could cut him. I think they see QB as a need, but given the other needs of the team, they don’t have to reach QB. I predict they will take a quarterback in one of the initial rounds of the draft, but if the draft committee directs it in another way, it is not necessarily the first round. I think the QBs they draft are sitting behind Alex Smith or Kyle Allen for a while before they start, so don’t concentrate on the QBs that start the first week.

Rivera also seems to be hiring a GM this offseason. Many people expect him to hire a recently released former Panthers GM Marty Harney. Many Washington fans want Kyle Smith to be promoted internally, who has overseen our HR department. The organization shows no public signs, so we’ll see, but I’m hoping they will eventually hire a full-time GM.

Let me also recommend you to listen Hogs Haven My Guest Spot on the Podcast Network this week. Lots of good discussions here that are worth your time:

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Eagles vs Washington Game Preview: 5 Questions and Answers with Opponents Eagles vs Washington Game Preview: 5 Questions and Answers with Opponents

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