Early Access PC Games Sim Casino, Can’t Go Real, Is My Latest Obsession

SimCasino This is a great new perspective on proven genres. And it’s helping me through some blockade blues.

Video games are my first game love, but I confess that I have something else. For better or for worse (depending on luck, of course), I love gambling. Of course, moderately-but blackjack, poker, and even slots-directly, at least these give me a thrill. The digital kind doesn’t really do anything to me. In other words, the blockade of the pandemic couldn’t scratch the itch, but I discovered SimCasino.

SimCasino, a recently opened PC Early Access game, is exactly what you think. A management and simulation game built around the creation and operation of your own casino.

To be honest, I’m surprised that there are no more games on this theme. The fusion of management simulation and casino is natural and almost the same as any other management setting that was popular in the heyday of the 90’s for theme parks, hospitals, or PC sims.

There have been some attempts in the past-I haven’t played it, but Casino, Inc. in 2003. I know that is appreciated-but it didn’t seem to stick as much as other sim settings. It may be because portraying gambling raises the bar, or it’s not really for kids, but I’m a digression. It fits perfectly.

SimCasino is currently in its earliest state. In other words, there is not much real meat in the bones. There is no campaign or mission structure here. You can start with a reasonably sized building and just play with a sandbox that has a larger footprint and can be expanded to have multiple floors.

Even in this early build, you can create a Las Vegas-style maze casino where marble floors that are always adjacent to tables, slots, and other distractions are woven into the gambling floor. If the customer wants to go to a sports book or theater, they need to use the attractive attract mode beyond about 100 slots. The evil management of manipulating small people who are pretending through your creations and the satisfaction of god games are already as powerful here as the best in this genre.

So I’ll mention Las Vegas-style casinos, which are also an important pillar of the game. It’s not just gambling. The choice of placeable items and rooms suggests building for expansion into new areas, but building hotel rooms, corporate meeting rooms, theaters, restaurants, etc. can already be done. Some of these buildings are even more complex. For example, the theater has a multi-storey design with staircase seats that allow more people to participate in spectacular shows.

Therefore, the idea is not only to build a gambling empire, but to build a prosperous whole business where one element feeds the other. For example, tourist-type customers may come to the casino to stay overnight, but if there is a quality restaurant of value, they may settle down and dine there. If they have to go through the casino to reach the exit, they may drop some cash into the slots along the way.

In terms of designing the actual building, there is a Sims-like grain size here. In addition to deciding to build a new corporate meeting room, you also need to choose how to decorate the floor and walls. At this stage of Early Access, the item is a bit thin on the ground, but there are also hints for items that can be built somewhere with unique themes, such as Caesars Palace-style statues and Luxor-style Egyptian images. We also use some Vegas comparisons.

Your job is to consider all these aesthetic concerns while balancing the book – and it comes in several different ways. Of course, we manage not only pricing and staffing, but also maintenance and inventory replenishment. You also need to consider loss prevention. This means that you need to ensure sufficient security to prevent thieves and game cheats by monitoring through the camera or directly.

Of course, there is a delicate balance to keep our customers happy. Are the hotel rooms luxurious enough? Do you have enough toilets at the right intervals? Is decoration generally fun? If someone loses shirt gambling, are compensation packages such as free drinks and free hotel stays enough to keep them with you and maliciously lose them?

We hope these explanations will help clarify how perfectly this particular micro-managed genre fits into the casino setting. It looks like developer LVGameDev has the knack for digging up powerful and niche management shim settings-it was also responsible for the excellent Sim Airport in 2017. If SimCasino did just as well, it would be noteworthy.

Early Access games always have a big warning that they are simply incomplete on a large scale. It’s a perfectly working game, but it’s in its early and thinnest stages when it comes to content. However, it also shines in the possibilities of this setting, and it’s easy to see that it could be very exciting and addictive in the future.

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Unable to go to a real one, early access PC game SimCasino is my latest obsession

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