Early Access to BMX Games Receives Major Updates-Other Trick, Community Park, Grind System, etc.

The passionate team behind BMX The Game, Barspin Studios, released a major update for Early Access Steam users just two months after its release. This update includes more tricks, performance improvements, community parks, new scenarios, and an improved grind system.

BMX The Game is currently priced at $ 18.74, 25% off the original price. The sale ends in about 2 days.

If you’re still trying to get this, be sure to read this BMX The Game hands-on preview.

BMX The Game places the rider in the center of Barcelona. Throughout the environment, there are plenty of bowls, ramps, pipes, benches and more to achieve different scores and earn rewards. I expected (and had) some bugs here and there because the game is in Early Access. However, my ultimate goal when playing Early Access titles is to assess their potential and determine the variety and depth available. This is especially important for BMX titles, as physics is very important and games are rarely compared in this genre. Still, gameplay determines how realistic and fluid the BMX experience is, so let’s get started.

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