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Early autumn storm blows through Heartland


Early autumn storm blows through Heartland

Beyond the corn belt, the cold fronts are slow moving, but the strong ones have put an end to the recent good weather and there is now a shower band that divides the area. Behind the front, cold and windy conditions settled in the upper part of the Midwest. Meanwhile, in the eastern part of the Corn Belt, another day of warm and dry weather facilitates fieldwork in front of the front desk.

On the plains, strong storms and associated cold fronts have wiped out the area, signaling the arrival of dry but colder than usual weather. Freezing warnings and frost recommendations came into effect on Thursday morning from western South Dakota to northwestern Kansas and northeastern Colorado. Thursdays’ highs are 5-15 ° F lower than normal in the northern half of the region, but remain warm in the southeastern plains. Many of Kansas remain drought-free, but drought remains established throughout the region.

In the south, dry and very warm weather continues to drive the rapid pace of summer crop maturation and harvesting. However, noticeable short-term dry pockets developed in the Chesapeake Bay basin from eastern Carolina to north.

In the west, mostly dry weather predominates, with the exception of prolonged rain and mountain snow showers from the Pacific Northwest to the northern and central Rocky Mountains. Producers and land-use managers are waiting for the beginning of cool seasonal rains and mountain snow (2021-22 water year), which usually begins in late October and November.

Early autumn storm blows through Heartland Early autumn storm blows through Heartland

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