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Early design sketches reveal a rare new look for Nothing phone (1)

An early design sketch of the Nothing Phone (1), published by Wallpaper Magazine, provides the long-awaited mobile phone with the best look ever.

Most phones don’t make their design debut in a classy cultural magazine, but Carl Pei and his colleagues were keen to emphasize the following from the beginning: Empty phone (1) It doesn’t look like any other phone.

In an exclusive interview with Wallpaper magazineCo-founder Karl Pay and Head of Design there is nothingTom Howard revealed some of the early sketches of the phone, revealing insights into its innovative look.

The image above is the best look at the mysterious device to be unveiled this summer, and the brand Empty ears (1) True wireless headphones with a transparent back that complements the internal components.

Regarding the design and engineering challenges this poses, Tom Howard states: “From a design perspective, we really wanted to turn it inside out. That meant working with engineers to start with first principles. Smartphones have over 400 components and are assembled in layers. We wanted to celebrate the “good things”, but I found it really interesting to emphasize … From an industry perspective, look at components that end users wouldn’t normally see. Therefore, the entire manufacturing process needs to be overhauled. To emphasize them. “

Interestingly, Howard cited the subway map as one of the influences of the design team. It is based on how subway maps clarify and organize systems of otherwise complex lines and connections.

Regarding Nothing’s design philosophy, Carl Peri said: “One of the problems we’ve seen in the tech industry is that no one has a consistent product design approach. Apart from Apple, you can see their coherent vision, though. If you have a table full of products from other manufacturers, you really don’t know. From the beginning, we wanted to have our own very clear and iconic design language. “

Prior to this detailed interview, the only insight we had about Nothing Phone (1) was the above mysterious hieroglyphs revealed when the device was first announced. It seems that similar bread crumb clues as above are studded in the preparatory stage to increase hype, but little is known about how the device works.

At least I know it runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.Probably newly announced Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1..In addition, the beta version Nothing OS LauncherThe phone user interface is a very basic and minimalist issue, similar to standard Android. Did not do much to stimulate our appetite For phones.

Nothingphone (1) to be announced this summer For O2 network only In the UK, it will also be available in Telekom Deutschland in Germany via Flipkart in India.

Early design sketches reveal a rare new look for Nothing phone (1) Early design sketches reveal a rare new look for Nothing phone (1)

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