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Earrings aren’t just fashionable. They are also a form of communication.

Simple things like earrings, by themselves, serve as a means of communication. In fact, humans have been using this type of nonverbal communication for thousands of years, and researchers recently recovered the shell beads used in earrings 150,000 years ago.

Researchers working in the cave.Image credit: Researcher

According to the group of anthropologists who made the discovery, beads are the earliest known evidence of widespread nonverbal communication. In their study, they argue that this provides new and valuable information about the evolution of human cognitive abilities and interactions.

“You think about how society works. Someone hunts you down in the traffic, honks, blinks lights, and thinks,” What’s your problem? ” Stephen Kuhn, the lead author of the study, Said in a statement.. “But when you see them wearing blue uniforms and hats with eaves, you know that police officers are pulling you.”

Kuhn and a group of researchers recovered 33 marine shell beads between 2014 and 2018 from the Bizmoune Cave, located about 10 miles from the Atlantic coast of southwestern Morocco. A late Cretaceous limestone cave was discovered during a 2004 survey of the area and was the subject of archaeological excavations, including archaeological excavations.

The beads were made from the shells of sea snails that belong to Race Dog whelk, Each is 0.5 inches long. It features oval or circular perforations, indicating that it is hung on a string or clothing. Researchers have found that there are probably traces of human alterations such as stone tool chipping.

“They were probably part of the way people express their identity in their clothes,” Kuhn said. “They are just the tip of the iceberg of that kind of human character. They said that it existed even hundreds of thousands of years ago, and that humans are with a larger group of people than their immediate friends and family. It shows that he was interested in communicating. “

Look into the beads

It’s not the first time researchers have discovered iconic artifacts such as beads, but previous examples date back 130,000 years. Some of the early examples Ateria industryIt was used in the hunting of a wide variety of wild animals in the Middle Stone Age culture, known for its advanced tools such as spear tips.

For anthropologists like Kuhn, beads are a way to advance our understanding of the evolution of human cognition and communication. They are a fossilized form of basic communication, Kuhn said. They don’t know exactly what they mean, but they are symbolic objects that have been unfolded so that others can see them, Kuhn explained.

Researchers agree that their findings are important, but they also leave many open questions. They will find out more about the role of the atelier industry and why they needed to make beads. It is possible that they wanted to identify themselves as more people began to expand into North Africa.

The use of certain beads may mean belonging to a particular clan, created as a way to conserve limited resources for population growth. Still, as Kuhn explains, knowing that they were able to make them is one thing, and understanding what inspired them to actually do it. Another day chapter.

The study was published in the journal Science Advances.

Earrings aren’t just fashionable. They are also a form of communication. Earrings aren’t just fashionable. They are also a form of communication.

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