Earwig and the Witch Trailer Debuts English Audio Cast – / Film

Studio Ghibli’s first CG animated film has received a lot of coverage in animation studios – loved by 2D classics such as: Spirited away And My Neighbor Totoro – When entering an unknown area of ​​3D animation. And the US distributor GKIDS Earwig and the Witch, Hayao Miyazaki’s son director Goro Miyazaki, By recruiting star-studded English voice actors Richard E. Grant And Kacey Musgraves..See new English dub Earwig and the Witch The trailer below.

Earwig and the Witch Trailer

I have to confess to you: every time I see a new trailer Earwig and the Witch, I feel a little sad. All new marketing clearly reminds us of how crude the CG animation looks and how flat the colors are. This is the exact opposite of what you would expect from a new Studio Ghibli movie.So I unknowingly blocked the movie from my head and a new trailer came out and I I remembered my disappointment once again.

But we know there’s plenty of room for Studio Ghibli movies because we’re working for the benefit of doubt.Certainly, Goro Miyazaki’s track record is less than a star, but never before. bad As such.His debut work Tales from Earthsea It was empty, but it was a beautiful mess. Obviously, it’s the work of a new filmmaker who is eager to emulate the work of his father, the anime Hayao Miyazaki Giants.However, Goro did a great job of reproducing look Of the Miyazaki movie, it lacked the spirit that made his father’s movie: Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke,and Howl’s Moving Castle A classic of such transport.His follow-up movie From Coquelicot Hill It was a significant improvement, and I felt a little life beating behind the cold, dead eyes of the grounder character before.

So it’s a little deflated that the little sparks of life potential seem to be crushed by the eerie CG animation of Earwig and the Witch, This is clearly animated to the house style of the Ghibli movie, but has the technology to make the character (and its hair) look incredibly stiff. Not surprisingly, the background animations and still items (which may not come as a surprise, given that the grounder came from the architectural field to anime filmmaking and showed great talent for designing breathtaking places. Look at that beautiful notebook!) With details. Tales from Earthsea.. But Ghibli is all about characters, and I hope they pop their personalities to complement their designs.

In the English dub version, the character is voiced by Taylor Page Henderson, who plays the title character Earwig, an orphan adopted by the witch Bella Yaga (Vanessa Marshall). Also starring are Kacey Musgraves as the magical mother of the earwig, Richard E. Grant as the mandrake, and Dan Stevens as the talking cat Thomas.

Earwig and the Witch Will be aired in Japan December 30, 2020 On NHK before GKIDS will soon release in North America.

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Earwig and the Witch Trailer Debuts English Audio Cast – / Film

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