EA’s Respawn: Fallen Order success working on new IP following Jedi

Alex Calvin, Tuesday, January 5, 2021 12:05 GMT

This will be the developer’s second property.

EA Respawn The studio is apparently working on a brand new IP.

It hired a “generalist software engineer” from a “new IP incubation team,” according to a classified ad found by VGC that was removed on the developer’s website. This post didn’t say much about this new project, except for a reference to new practical technologies that allow you to “adventure forever.” Certainly it seems to be a service-based project.

This will be the second intellectual property created by Respond, following in the footsteps of Titanfall. There is also the title of Battle Royale, Apex Legend, but technically it’s part of the Titanfall brand. Yes, you can see that you are entering a comment.

In May of last year, Respawn announced that the Titanfall game wasn’t working. The shooter team seems to be focusing all their resources on Apex Legends for the foreseeable future. This was inconsistent with EA’s previous statement that Respawn is developing another Titanfall project featuring a “new twist” in space.

Apex Legend has attracted more than 70 million users between its launch in February 2019 and October of the same year. The EA says the game is likely to generate $ 1 billion in revenue in the near future.

The news that Respawn is working on a new IP was announced in the wake of its success in the 2019 Star Wars release Jedi: Fallen Order. The EA initially expected the game to sell 6-8 million copies between its November 2019 launch and the end of the fiscal year ending March 2020. By December 2019, the title actually sold 8 million copies, and EA predicted it would shift. 10 million units by the end of the fiscal year – the target the game broke.

The studio recently released a VR-only Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond in December. It hasn’t yet been announced how the project was carried out, but it’s possible that EA will hear something in the coming weeks as it calls for investors for the three months to December 2020. there is.

EA purchased Respawn in November 2017.

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EA’s Respawn working on new IP following Jedi: Fallen Order success

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