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Easypaisa revolutionizes customer service within the Easypaisa app

Easypaisa, Pakistan’s No. 1 payment app, has launched a self-service customer support option for users from within the Easypaisa app. With this new feature, users can resolve various issues and get immediate response to their queries without having to call the Easypaisa helpline. Customers using the Easypaisa app can use this support menu to instantly block their Easypaisa account for security purposes, update their account credentials and Nadra verification details, and send money to CNIC. You can change it by modifying. By canceling the details of the CNIC, or the transfer to the CNIC altogether.

Easypaisa has always focused on providing the best user experience across the channels available to its customers, and in this digital era, the platform continues to innovate through more accessible complaint resolution channels. The platform seeks to eliminate customer service disruptions by providing a wide range of channels for customers to find information and resolve queries. In addition to existing customer support channels, this in-app support is an innovative way to enhance Easypaisa’s user experience, allowing users to resolve issues themselves without relying on customer service agents.

Omar Moeen Malik, Business Head of Easypaisa, commented on this development.

“Customer experience is one of the most important factors in delivering service. Easypaisa has a customer-focused approach and is constantly looking for new and effective ways to create value for our customers. We believe that by digitizing popular complaints in the helpline and giving them direct access to our customers with the Easypaisa app, we can provide a higher level of financial freedom and convenience to all our valued customers. . “

With approximately 10 million customers using the Easypaisa app across the Android and iOS platforms in the last 30 days, Easypaisa is the most used Pakistani app in all categories, cashless Pakistan through the power of collaboration. We continue to work on transforming into an economically inclusive society in & Technology.

Easypaisa revolutionizes customer service within the Easypaisa app Easypaisa revolutionizes customer service within the Easypaisa app

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