eBay accuses PS5 photo scammers and takes action against sellers

The auction site eBay has accused the scammers posting photos of the PlayStation 5 console and has vowed to take action against sellers and remove the listing. In a statement to , eBay said: We are in the process of removing the entire list of PS5 photos from the marketplace and will take appropriate action against the seller. “These sellers are creating a list that looks like it’s for the PlayStation 5 console, but it’s actually for the PS5’s printed photos. The list has titles such as “Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 1TB Console-White (PHOTO)”, which denies that it actually sells photos, but most of the names are like console lists. Looks like.

At the time of this writing, there are dozens of these lists across UK and US eBay sites. There is a list of active bids, and some current bids are in the hundreds of dollars / pound. These can be inflated by the scammers themselves to deceive more “legitimate” buyers. Or it could just be a real bid by a foolish buyer.

According to an eBay statement, “Buyers should be careful and read the list description carefully for items that they buy, but are particularly expensive or in high demand. Buyers who receive items that are not as described You are entitled to a refund through eBay. Money-back guarantee if you complete a transaction on eBay platform. “

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These sellers clearly know the rule that “items must be as described” because all list descriptions include “photos”, “photos”, or “images only”. .. The list often states that the buyer will only receive printed matter. image. So while these lists adhere to eBay’s rules “technically,” it’s nice to see eBay planning to take action. The statement as to whether the victim can be compensated is unclear, but the line “Items not listed are entitled to a refund” states that these lists are all photographs. , Suggesting that this is not the case.

PS5 scams and scalpers have been a big issue since the console was launched. For more information, see our research on how sneaker culture predicted next-generation console scalpers. If you already have one, check out the PS5 Console Guide and the eight hidden PS5 features and settings.

Matt Purslow is ‘s UK news and entertainment writer.


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