eBay’s PS5 console is listed for up to £ 15,000 after launch date predicament

“Well, that seems to make sense,” no one says (photo: eBay).

The PS5 launch yesterday was undeniably awkward, with consoles now available in the UK, and eBay’s scalper seems to be brave.

Before the PlayStation 5 went on sale, there were reports that pre-orders were sold on eBay. The retail price of the console is £ 450, but it can be as high as £ 7,000.

Things seem to be getting worse now that the PlayStation 5 is finally available in all regions.

A quick search on eBay will show you who sells consoles for a set price of up to £ 15,000.

A list of items priced at £ 25,000 was previously discovered, but has since been deleted.

One PlayStation 5 is offered for a £ 100,000 opening bid, but given that the image is actually an image of a Wi-Fi router with two plates pressed against it, this is clearly some form of It’s a protest.

PS5 fake

It may be fake, but you may be able to play Skyrim (Photo: eBay)

Given how absurd some of these prices are, many of them could actually be the job of a bot.

In response to scalpers, there are claims that people are using bots to bid and artificially raise prices without the intention of paying, rejecting scalper money.

There’s no solid proof of that, but the bid history for a single PlayStation 5, which is £ 7,900 at the time of writing, is highly suspicious.

The original price was actually just £ 250, but in many respects the same user made multiple bids in a row, causing the price to skyrocket.

These bids are certainly not natural (Photo: eBay)

This could be a bot, as one person has no reason to bid on himself.

However, not all lists have bidding options, just buy now, so some of these expensive consoles are probably someone who can justify paying thousands of pounds for a new console. Is the result of a scalper who wants to find out.

Thankfully, there are a lot of much more rational lists in comparison, from around £ 360 to £ 400, but in general auctions seem to end with anything up to £ 800.

For some auctions, skip bids[今すぐ購入]Options are available, but the average cost seems to be around £ 900 to £ 1,200.

PlayStation 5 is currently available worldwide.

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PS5 consoles on eBay listed for up to £15,000 following launch day disaster

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