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September 7 – European Club Association (ECA) President Nasser Alkeraifi calls on three rebel clubs wishing to establish a secession superleague and “fabu” those who initially supported the project. “List and failure”. ..

Nine of the twelve “founder” members withdrew within hours of the start of the Super League in April due to a huge backlash across the sport, but Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus continue. I support the plan.

Par Football blamed the rebellion.

“I don’t like to focus on fabulists and failures, so I don’t spend a lot of time talking about April 18th and” not so super league “,” he said in Geneva. Said in his speech to the ECA General Assembly on Monday.

“I feel new hope and purpose for our organization and the European football family.”

“Recently, people tried to divide us. They tried to separate us. They tried to weaken us. They failed. They did the opposite-they. Brought us together, and we are stronger. I am convinced that the future of European football is no brighter.

“Together, we defended the interests of European football for everyone: players, clubs, leagues, national associations and, above all, fans. We are the determination and strength of the (UEFA) president. Depends on [Aleksander] Sepherin confronted the midnight coup – and those with short memories should remember that this was exactly what it was.

“And while the three rebel clubs waste energy, twist the story and scream into the sky, the rest of us move forward and focus on building a better future for European football. I’m out.

“As you know, for the nine clubs that sought to return to our family, the ECA Board reintegrated them into our organization with a new commitment to strengthen our association. Welcome back to the ECA family. “

Alkeraifi also announced five plans from the ECA to “repair and strengthen European football”, prioritizing financial protection in the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

ECA will create a debt fund with UEFA to help clubs recover from Covid’s influence, while financial fair play measures will change and unconfirmed potential salary caps I have a report.

“The top priority is to bring urgent financial stability to European football,” said Alkeraifie. “Many financial problems have affected football, even before COVID. But the pandemic has expanded them all. Today we are all faced with the reality of this new COVID. All Clubs are in pain. Large and small clubs across Europe.

“To meet the challenges facing European football today, ECA needs to evolve with more emphasis. To be the” heart “of European football, ECA is a member of the European Football Association. You must be a strong and determined stakeholder who leads the agenda and development. “

“During the two pandemic seasons, European football revenues were lost by billions of dollars. You can’t go through the woods again this season. If you don’t act right away, you’ll undo the damage. You can not.

“ECA is working with UEFA to set up a multi-billion euro debt fund to help clubs of all levels accelerate their recovery from the financial devastation of COVID. We have a great need for our members. I know that and have fought hard for this project.

“In addition, an emergency UEFA-ECA fund for future crises is being considered to avoid future financial problems beyond the COVID crisis.

“In addition, the ECA supports another initiative to redistribute solidarity funds of approximately € 50 million annually for the benefit of small clubs that have not participated in European club competitions. The club needs this extra money, which I say ECA represents all interests.

“Finally, new financial fair play regulations have been enforced to ensure that European club football remains at the pinnacle of sport and entertainment while ensuring a stable, sustainable, comprehensive and competitive football pyramid. Will be. “

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ECA Boss Alkeraifi rejects ESL’s failed trio and sketches club support plans ECA Boss Alkeraifi rejects ESL’s failed trio and sketches club support plans

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