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Ecom-Game ads increased 9.2 times in print media in 2021: TAM AdEx

Television saw a slight increase of 2 percent from January to August 2021

Due to the dramatic expansion of the field of online games in India, the Ecom-Gaming category is taking advantage of the momentum by increasing the amount of advertising. According to the data released by, the advertising volume of printed matter in this category increased 9.2 times, and from January to August 2021 radio and digital increased 2.3 times and 2.1 times, respectively. AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research. On the other hand, TV advertising volume increased by only 2%.

On television, the news genre has emerged as a priority genre for Ecom-Gaming advertising. This is because it accounts for 33% of the TV sector advertising volume share. This was followed by the movie genre with a 29% share, and the general entertainment channel (GEC) and sports genres with a 14% and 11% share, respectively. The music genre lags behind with a 10% share. Together, the top three TV channel genres accounted for 76% of the advertising volume in the 2021 Ecom-Gaming category. Prime time was the largest ad volume for Ecom-Gaming, with 20-40 seconds of advertising and a 32% share of TV ad volume. Size is preferred by 76% of advertisers. Galactus Funware Technology has emerged as the largest advertiser in MPL (Mobile Premier League), and from January to August 2009, it gained the status of numerouno as the most advertised brand, accounting for 36% of the advertising volume.

In print, Hindi newspapers make up 67% of Ecom-Gaming ads and Marathi newspapers make up 13%. Newspapers in English, Gujarati and Kannada each lag behind by 6%. Together, the top five publishing languages ​​added more than 98% of the sector’s ad volume. On the other hand, the general interest of the publishing genre was 99.8% of the advertising space for printed matter, and 0.2% for business / finance / economy.

According to the data, 80% of printed ads were for promotional purposes and brand promotion had a 15% share. Os Sales Promotions, 45% of Ads are Multiple Promotions, 28% are Contest Promotions, The remaining 27% of Ads are added to Promotions, Tictok Skill Games and Paytm First Games are the top two advertisers in the Ecom-Gaming category , These together made more contributions. Over 90% share of advertising space from January to August 2021. Winzo Games was the most advertised brand with a 77% share of advertising space.

Interestingly, West Bengal and Maharashtra outperformed all states with a 22% share of the sector’s advertising volume on radio between January and August 2009, followed by Delhi with a 16% share. .. Unlike television, radio considered afternoon and evening hours to be the most favorable times for sector advertising, with 40% and 38% shares, respectively. Among advertisers, Tictok Skill Games exceeded 31% of its ad volume share from January to August 2009. Winzo Games is the top brand with a 31% share of ad volume, followed by Rummycircle.Com with a 28% share.

When it comes to digital, the Ecom-Gaming category chose display ads over video ads. 92% of digital ads were display ads and the remaining 8% were video ads. Similarly, mobile displays were the most preferred channel, accounting for 47% of the pie. This was followed by desktop displays with a 42% share. Desktop video occupies a 5% share of the pie, while mobile video and in-app video each lag behind with a 3% share. Digitally, Gameskraft Technologies is the top advertiser with a 25% share of the pie, and Rummyculture has emerged as the most advertised brand.

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Ecom-Game ads increased 9.2 times in print media in 2021: TAM AdEx Ecom-Game ads increased 9.2 times in print media in 2021: TAM AdEx

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