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ECS-ECS Botanics Holdings

After the company announced that its distribution partner Just Foods Australia Pty Ltd had secured distribution of ECS Botanix 250ml hemp oil products to the 850 Woolworths store, ECS surged this morning, lifting the double bottom at 4.1c. It was. ECS will ship its first order for the Woolworths Store on January 13, 2020.

The total revenue generated from distribution to Woolworths is currently uncertain and the minimum amount is not guaranteed. ECS will provide detailed information on revenue and sales traction as soon as it becomes available.

Yes, good news from ECS, but it’s a bit hollow because there are no details about revenue or sales volume. It’s a good idea to know how this transaction affects your company’s bottom line.

ECS is currently a large share of over 40 million shares, currently up 43.90% to 5.9c.

ECS-ECS Botanics Holdings ECS-ECS Botanics Holdings

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