Edge Of Eternity will be fully launched this summer

The good-looking RPG Edge Of Eternity has been fighting for Early Access for over two years, and the quest is almost over. After releasing story chapters and other game updates for another two years, Midgar Studio announced that Edge Of Eternity will be fully released on June 8th, ending the game with the last two chapters. ..

In traditional RPG fashion, the catastrophe that your hero is in charge of defeat has happened to the world. “The world of Helion is collapsing,” says Midgar Studios. “A few years ago, with the advent of the mysterious Alien Force, the planet eventually plunged into an endless cataclysmic war, unleashing both magic and technology to the worst and worst limits. Now even greater threats. In a sneaky act of war, the invaders have released the corrosion. Corrosion is a deadly disease that turns all kinds of organisms into abominations of malformations. ”

Midgar states in these last two chapters that an additional 5-10 hours of play time needs to be added to the game to complete the finale of the game with heroes Darion and Selene. In the new trailer here, you’ll see Eternity’s turn-based combat system, the world of tech-meets-magic, and yes, a giant cat ride.

I will be real. I played a significant portion of a fantasy RPG featuring a protagonist with pop star hair and a shining sword. It looks like a fascinating game, but what caught my eye was the giant cat creature there. Edge Of Eternity says he has five unlocking human companions and a furry friend, “a fearless but adorable beast.” Look at the fluffy ears with feathers. It’s some good RPG juice.

One of the more interesting things about Edge Of Eternity is that the developers have released a modified toolkit. It seems that there aren’t many modifications made so far, but it will probably change in the full release. Oh, but look, someone went and did a Final Fantasy sword on the Nexus Mods. I should have seen it come.

Midgar Studio said in an announcement post that this would be the last chance to buy Edge Of Eternity at a 33% discount before the price goes up on April 14. You can find it on Steam, which previously sold for £ 13.39 / $ 16.74. The full release of the game is scheduled for June 8th.

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