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Edge recently discussed in a new interview how aggressive he is going to be. At .. You can check some highlights below-

His physical condition after rumble: “I don’t lie, I feel better. I feel like I’m a little involved in a hurricane. At the same time I feel sick. If that makes sense. After a triceps torn and resting for 7 months, there is no better way to prepare for this than to get in and do it after a long break before that. Many people have been there for a long time. I was quarreling with him, so I didn’t necessarily know what he was feeling. When the adrenaline started to wear out, I was like, “Oh, ok, I feel this.” But I feel sick. will purchase. “

Return of Christians: “Rumble was one of the examples I was very happy with when a Christian came down the slope. I was very proud of him and cleaned up with the work he did and again. I was proud of the grind and hard work to be able to do this. Like me, he can finish it on his own terms and when you don’t expect it It’s not just about getting rid of it. It’s hard to swallow it, but it may not be the case now. It’s really special. “

His return goal: “I wasn’t just back to do a blockbuster tour. That’s why I’m back. I didn’t just want to do the biggest hit that went back. I wanted to tell a compelling story. So I wanted to come back. I wanted to have a lot of talent … 29 years of experience, I’m very excited if I can give wisdom in the sense of telling a story. I love many of my talents and it’s exciting to be able to get along with them. Did you inevitably know that you’re trying to be a wrestle maniac? No. Many of them are out of your control. Hmm. I knew I was going to work to do it when needed. It’s also part of my responsibility to come back.

“I don’t just want to be a different body. I want to be able to support the entire industry as much as possible. If that means WrestleMania, the main event at the edge of the year? OK. I I will play my part to make it happen and make it as compelling as possible. But I also want to get in there with a lot of talent. My goal is Wrestle At the mania main event or Raw, whatever it is, come back and tell a great story. I’m committed to this and come back. After my family, this is my top priority. What if I’m asked to take part in a title program heading to WrestleMania? I’m here every week. That’s how I run. I’ll be a man who floats for eight weeks in a week. No. If I’m involved and participating in the mix, I’ll be here every week because that’s how I run it. “

The match he is looking forward to: “I haven’t touched many of these guys. Because of the Rumbles, I scratched the surface with AJ style and Cesarolins. For me, both of these matches have to happen. They have to happen. But you have to. For the first time last night, I felt what Cesaro and Matt Riddle bring. You go up and down the roster and wonder, “Oh, what can that guy do?”With ricochet [Mustafa] Ants and sami [Zayn] And all these guys I never had the chance to get in there. It’s really exciting to me. It almost makes me feel younger — probably before and during the match, not after the match. It’s very exciting. It really is, and it’s everything that shouldn’t have happened. I will enjoy all of this.

“In a perfect world, I can participate in all of them. It’s a bit out of my control. But at least I participated in some of them and brought some great stories out there as well. If you can, that’s part of the reason I’m back. Just go in and try to tell a story with new talent. Go in there with some people. With Cesarro Let’s put it together. I want to do Daniel Bryan and Iron Man. I have a lot of talents I want to do. I got a sample of Damian Priest and it was exciting. We had this cool and special moment It’s really fun for me because I see them round their eyes, and I want them more. “

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Edge Talk WWE Return Goals, Christian Comebacks, Possible Matches, etc. Edge Talk WWE Return Goals, Christian Comebacks, Possible Matches, etc.

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