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It has been 14 years since the defeat.But read the feature that Thomas Helbashi discovered that Jeff Lacy wasn’t the only Joe Calzaghe.

Jeff, who competed in the 2000 US Olympics, won four successful defenses in the world super middleweight title, and while at the top, captivated the boxing world with his power and exciting style. Lacy is often memorable. One night in Manchester 14 years ago, When he was on the other side of the Hall of Fame Joe Calzaghe’s best performance.

“There is no easy way to fight. One day, I will meet one of them, Joe Calzaghe, stand there and defeat you, and defeat you mentally and physically in front of the world,” Lacy said. Said.

Florida’s “Left Hook” brought the perfect 21-0 pro record to the MEN Arena on March 4, 2006. This night he was expected to defeat the Welsh and continue his path to becoming a superstar. It didn’t work that way. Instead, Calzaghe ruled from start to finish, and the only thing that kept him away from the shutout of the scorecard was the 11-round point deduction by referee Raulkaise Snr.

When that was over, Lacy lost his perfect record, his IBF title and his invincible aura. It’s a lot to give up overnight, but lately he bitterly doesn’t look back on his first loss.

Manchester Calzaghe bamboo ozles Lacy John Gichigi / Getty Images

“You didn’t see me lying down,” he said. “I kept walking until I realized.’Man, Jeff, someone will come and hit you.’ I’m not malicious Joe Calzaghe.. There is no malice to the fans who judged me in the fight. And I’m not malicious to them now. The only thing I can sit down and say is that I am a very fortunate person. People are still talking about this fight, which was over a decade ago. ”

Unfortunately, more people aren’t talking about Lacy’s pre-Calzaghe career and his life now when he puts away his gloves. First of all, a person from St. Petersburg is a happy, healthy and child-loving father. He also has a lasting love for the sport he wants to express through television commentary, and he does not rule out training and management of future fighters.

“I took the lead,” Lacy said. His last official match was lost to Sullivan Barrera in January 2015, but returned in October 2016 in an unauthorized match against Tony Oakey. “Why? This is a brutal sport and I still have my wisdom. The only thing boxing has done to me is the bruise and scars, and the memories I had in bad times. But , I can still say, “Hey, I lived my life, and I’m great.” I’m not walking on my heels, I’m playing with my kids. You can rock it in a rocking chair and say, “Man, everyone respects me.” This boxing thing is over. You don’t have to go there and get rid of wear and punch. “

A glance at Lacy these days, he still looks like that part. It’s like many veteran pros seduced by the mirror, not the reality after walking between the ropes. Lacy knows this better than most people, and may be worse for him as he has reached the highest height in sports as both an amateur and a pro. But in the end, he realized that his quality of life now and in the future is more valuable than grasping another payday or glory.

“One of the biggest things was that I had to let go,” he said. “We want you to acknowledge what we’re doing. And when we keep fighting year after year and start getting it, there’s a high price that comes with it. And riding that lightning bolt. The height that accompanies is a great height that we always remember. But I have to be real to myself. Most fighters in that position will see how it felt. Look, they don’t want to end it, and if you don’t understand what it does, you’re going to hurt yourself. I think you can, but these up-and-coming people I’ll leave it to you. “

He laughs and talks about the conversation the fighter had with him in his later years.

“Yes, I was able to fight again,” Lacy said. “Do you want to fight again? No, you don’t. You have to know when to fold them. Because you won one, you will have to fight another, and You’re stuck in that maze. “Hey, I’m just back for one fight.” [Pauses] ‘How much is it? Yes. ‘Now we are stuck. “

This insight into the fighter spirit and the reality of business will help him as a commentator. It’s not surprising given that Lacy was always accessible to the media and was honest with his opinion. That’s why he was placed in the superstar position as soon as he left the Sydney Olympics and announced that he would turn professional. And when his name was called on the night of the battle, he wouldn’t be disappointed if the then promoter Main Event became more and more difficult to win and stay in place. did. More than a few times, Lacy was informed by reporters that there was a new enemy to fight, but it didn’t go very well with the nova.

“That was consistent and I was very angry,” said Lacy, who wasn’t always able to sail smoothly when her opponent walked to the ring. He recalls his third professional fight against Tony Pope, who had no harbinger. The official ledger states that Lacy won a stop victory 2 to 27, but it seems that a lot of dramas were packed in less than 3 minutes.

“The height that accompanies that lightning bolt, that’s the great height we always remember, but I have to be real to myself.”

Jeff Lacy

“Early, he hit me with a hook-uppercut type shot,” Lacy said. “I got caught in my arm and felt pain. It was thrown perfectly and I was like” OH MY GOD, this guy can hit. ” “

Later, due to the wild exchange, the Pope rolled down the rope with less than 90 seconds remaining in the round, and Lacy had time to reorganize.

“When he returned to the ring, I had time to think and knew I had to get this guy out of it. I said,” I haven’t lost this fight. This is It’s too early to lose in boxing. ”

Lacy continued to attack, and Left Hook worked on the Pope and the man who threw it. He broke his left hand with a punch that cut the Pope badly enough to stop the fight.

“It took my mind to another place,” he said of the match. “Give you the new car I’ve always wanted, and then you’ll drive it for three days and it’s like being robbed of you. You’re going to fight for it. That’s the way I felt. I hit him at all. “

Created in January 2001 thanks to a boxer known as Kevin Butts, Lacy’s mystery was only added to split the opponent’s face with a single blow, but now under the name Yamane Islam Muhammad. Is called.

Butts, who was supposed to be Lacy’s first professional opponent, caught up with his opponent after weighing before the fight.

“He came to me before I went to bed and said,’Good luck in your career,'” Lacy recalled with a laugh. “I was scratching my head after he left. He didn’t say he would leave, he just wished me good luck in my career. I thought,” Wow, that’s weird. Is that a terrifying tactic? “I was thinking about it all night. Man, he is bold. What does that mean? Now I will not run away from the fight. I’m a ghetto kid. And my attitude was that you could fight really well, but you weren’t fighting me yet, and I’m going to show you something. But this guy could hit me with something I’ve never seen before, so I need to bring my A-plus, plus, plus games for him thought. Did you train enough for this guy? “

Butts left at midnight and never came back, so don’t worry. Lacy’s opponent is gone.

The story was almost better than the fight, and when Lacy went up the ranks, she didn’t dent the growing legend. In his 18th fight, he stopped Sidvanderpool in eight rounds to win a vacant IBF super middleweight title, Omar Shaika, Rubin Williams, Robin Reid, Scott before hitting Calzaghe. He defeated Pemberton and defended his belt.

Again, he doesn’t look back on the match with regret. Fight fans may see it as his decisive moment in sports, but he doesn’t think so.

“The only reason I’m disappointed in the fight is that people who weren’t in the ring that night can’t get through that night,” he said. “I have. I’m disappointed that no one else can. I continued my life. Everyone else is sour. How crazy is it? Calzaghe is the other 32 Nothing changed from what a human fighter did to me. He hit me. “

It doesn’t take long for Lacy to set a record of 27-6 (18) and realize that she is clearly peaceful in the career that left him in one no contest. He only collected 6-5 records after Calzaghe’s defeat, and Roy Jones Jr. and Jermain Taylor had a notable defeat, but for former World Champions it wasn’t necessarily a win or loss. It’s about what you show between them, good times and bad times.

“I’m fighting a guy in another country and he also has fans,” he said on March 4, 2006. “But the magic came when I had to experience those trials and these British fans. I stood in the same place after the darkness came. After all, I I was still there. I opened my heart to everyone and said, “Hey, see what I’m made of.” And most fighters don’t do that. ”

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Editor’s Recommendation-Jeff Lacy: “One day you will meet the person who beats you mentally and physically in front of the world.” Editor’s Recommendation-Jeff Lacy: “One day you will meet the person who beats you mentally and physically in front of the world.”

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