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Kevin Johnson was nominated under the supervision of Larry Holmes long before he became the remaining gatekeeper today. But, as Yoan Pablo Hernandez discovered, not everyone can pass.Pete Carville speaks to one of boxing’s most colorful characters

KEVIN JOHNSON knew what would happen the day before. “I’m going to knock him out in the second half of the round,” he says. Boxing news In Kuckle from his hotel in Magdeburg. “It will be my welcome gift to the heavyweight division. I fought the best punchers in the world, and did they put the cruiserweight division in front of me? It’s rude.”

It’s been less than two months since he lost to Mariusch Wach. Now he was facing former IBF cruiserweight champion Yoan Pablo Hernandez.

Johnson was in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, throughout 2020. “I’ve been here since last year,” he explains. “I’ve been in Germany for the past four to five years, three to four months at a time, and I’m stuck here because of a pandemic. But I love Gelsenkirchen. I remember Asbury Park.”

Most of Johnson’s life is on the road. In his words, he has fingers on many pies around the world. A simple question is raised as to where he lives, but the answer is not so great.

“I really can’t answer that,” he says. “I have operations in Bogota, Colombia and Santiago, Chile. Then there is another Dominican Republic that I was off the ground before the coronavirus started, and I tired here in Germany. Exports and imports. Usually I’m in the United States for two weeks, then in the Dominican Republic for a month, then in Colombia, then in Germany. Where I live is where my bags stay the longest. is.”

He is not known for his punching power. Kevin Johnson was originally known as a boxer. Boxer Johnson, now a young heavyweight dependable educator, has become a survivor, Spoiler Johnson. He has a trick to teach and confuse young men in his arsenal. He jabs, defends, and obscures. It helps him look like he can scratch either knee without having to bend because his arms are so long.

Johnson is a heavyweight gatekeeper, jumping to his own level of expertise. Defeating him adds a name to the record and seasonings to the skill. Lose, and well, your future is called into serious problems.

It took a long and uneven time to get here. Johnson’s teen may not have been a problem, but he had a problem. Before the age of 20, he faced two serious legal problems. One day the meeting will change the course he was in.

“I’ve been home in jail for 18 months,” he says, “and lost. I didn’t know anything more, so I was selling drugs and going out to the block. One day, the Green Ford Expedition appeared and was Darryl Dawkins, the first man to break the backboard in the NBA. We go eat, and he calls. Larry HolmesI told him to bring me. “

Johnson continues. “I go to Larry’s gym and put it in a box with his brother Mark, a mixture of Larry and James Toney. Larry says,” Let’s keep this kid here. ” So I trained there every day and Larry took me under his wings. “

The jab was always there, he says, but Holmes refined it. “He told me it was good enough that I shouldn’t throw body shots. I was supposed to move my left hand and then throw my right up and remove them from it. He would have been angry when he threw the body shot. “

After starting his career in Easton under Holmes’ guidance, Johnson had 22 wins and a draw when he was called for his career: a match against the WBC title. Vitali Klitschko Swiss. Klitschko’s last 10 victories have been due to suspension. Many thought Johnson would be eleventh.

Johnson didn’t get close to winning and lost with scores of 120-108, 119-109 and 119-109. However, he kept a distance and chased Klitschko on a showboat in the final round, demonstrating his survival instinct to come to define him.

“The man couldn’t hit me,” he said. “I thought Lennox Lewis would do what he did and bust him up. His eyes opened fourth and I tried to get it to work …” he left because of an injury .. “That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to. I couldn’t.”

He won four against mixed-capacity opponents and then lost in the prize fighter final. He quickly dropped the eliminator to Tyson Fury, winning another and then losing three points. Anthony Joshua They stopped him and made a statement.

Since then, it has been mostly a loss, with 10 of them scattered with 5 victories in the meantime. The biggest of his records was Francesco Pianeta, who stopped by almost three years ago. However, losses began to increase and he was often on the road to Bulgaria, Poland, Russia and Germany.

He was the person the promoter trusted as a test of name value and prospects. As Steve Vance once wrote, he became “… the keeper of the ancient arts of Journeyman boxing, the ghost of a great man who taught the greatest heavyweights in history how to become a real boxer.” ..

He says he fights near the age of 41 because of his affection. That’s what you often hear from people who might have gotten everything from the sports they would ever do.

“I love three things in this world,” says Johnson. “They are my boxing, my real estate, and my family. You don’t shake love. There’s nothing to fight ass, but I love fighting the best and the best. God I do so when I was told to hang them, but I’m still here because he didn’t tell me it yet. “

His latest opponent went into exile from Cuba to Germany, set a record of 29-1 (14) between 2005 and 2014, won the IBF Cruiserweight title and defended four times before retiring. did. Hernandez was testing the body of water in the heavyweight division in the fight against Johnson. He will win and enter the area around the division. Hernandez is tall, 6 feet 4 inches for a cruiserweight, but jumping between departments has always been difficult. After an easily successful Evander Holyfield, there is a long and sad list of those who didn’t. Hernandez was tall and angular in the lower layers. Like Johnson, he was known primarily as a person who worked well but was not power. Still, he was widely expected to defeat the aged Johnson.

The heat that had hit Germany for weeks finally began to break.The battle was held outdoors at Seebuehne [on August 22] And a cool breeze from the other side of the lake flowed into the arena.

Johnson entered the ring and waited, his face was harsh. The crowd booed. He looked good, his body was flat and firm, and he looked healthier than in the more attention-grabbing battles he had before. But he looked dry, as if he had come to the ring sweating.

As the first round began, Johnson pushed his left hand low, his shoulders high, and his right glove up to his chin. He shuffled towards Hernandez and deflected the jab. However, there was little to pass through and he concealed it well, but the occasional loop left from Hernandez penetrated. And although they were few and most were blocked, this is still Germany and they were scored against him.

Hernandez slipped for the first time in the second time. He got up, moved, walked away, went out, and tried to throw the cross. It was a good strategy that should work. There was a fear that it might become one between those who knew the movement and those who only remembered it.

With the exception of Hernandez’s move and Johnson’s barge on him, things were rare in the third, but things began to change in the fourth. Hernandez got off twice, legally the second time, and when he got up, things were changing.

For some reason, there was a cut on Johnson’s eyes. It seemed to be on the eyelids, a doctor was called in, and Johnson entered the next round with a lump of grease on it where Hernandez would aim for the hook. It was difficult not to support Johnson at this point. He was at least nominally in a foreign land and won when he was supposed to lose. But cuts could change things.

Sixth time, Hernandez was frustrated again, entering the corner where Johnson swung towards him, and after he bent and sank, they left again.

The left hook finished it seventh, and Hernandez went to the floor, where he lay down as if scrutinizing the canvas for lost contact lenses. The referee started counting, and it seemed to grow in minutes. You thought it would probably be longer and Hernandez would keep getting up. But he didn’t, so it was shaken off and no one took it seriously at first, as we all expected him to stand up. Everyone except Johnson who made the prophecy. And in this he was right.

Johnson knelt in one corner. He beat Hernandez quite a bit. Cruiserweight ambition was exuding. Johnson was never considered a powerful puncher among the heavyweight divisions, but he was still heavyweight. Hernandez wasn’t.

Johnson was bullish a few days after the fight. On the phone, he relived the match. “It was just a waiting game,” he said. “He was in southpaw and unlike other fights because I couldn’t use the jab. But you hang there and get punished while waiting for the opportunity. I’m cut But you can’t fall apart when that happens. You lost a few rounds but give them up before they explode. And when I do, I do. “

He claimed that he had a lot of email in those few days and was evaluating all the options. Retirement was in his head, and in a way it was still. “I’m going to wear gloves,” he said. “Before my body hangs on me. Some people do so when things start to move, but I still have everything. I’m not going to hang out because it’s time for you to get hurt. Everyone who was injured was injured later in his career. “

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Editor’s Recommendation-Kevin Johnson:’Did they put a cruiserweight in front of me after fighting the best punchers in the world? It’s rude ” Editor’s Recommendation-Kevin Johnson:’Did they put a cruiserweight in front of me after fighting the best punchers in the world? It’s rude ”

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