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Edmen Shahbazian revealed to Derek Burnson that he lost his career for the first time last August.

In the UFC Vegas 5, Shabadian and Branson have been promoted to the main event and will be competing in five rounds. Once in the scrap, many expected Shahbazyan to get an early KO, and so did Nova. But after the first round, he started to gas Suffering a TKO loss in the third round..

After the fight, Shahbazyan didn’t do much media, But prior to his return to UFC262, He opened on about his first career loss.

“A lot. Of course, that was my first career loss and I use it as a big learning lesson. I went there looking for a finish and aimed to finish him right away. I gasped myself that way because I was looking for a shot to kick him out. It’s an experience and he’s also an experienced guy, “Shahbazyan said of Just Scrap Radio on I mentioned it in the next episode. “He survived the storm, calmed down and eventually gained his advantage. As far as I learned from the fight, I learned a lot about myself and some things that need to be changed in training, and it’s I’m really doing well right now and can’t wait for the fight May 15..

“I was trying to get rid of him. In my head, I seemed to have to get rid of this guy, I had to get rid of this guy. It wasn’t happening But by the middle of the second round, I was really out of gas, “Shabazian added later. “People think I was completely out in the fight, I wasn’t out. It looks like I’m out, but I was consciously there. I went to the doctor and I recited everything, I’m just exhausted. I remember every moment of the fight. Once I get that adrenaline dump, it takes at least 20-30 minutes to recover. “

Edmen Shahbazian
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Edmen Shahbazian says it’s not possible to smoke, but what happened early in his career is good. He says it’s a large learning experience and uses losses to motivate him.

“Everyone lost one day and I’m happy that this happened. I took it as a big learning lesson,” Shahbazyan said. “I wasn’t too depressed about that loss, and I used it to motivate me to go back and work on myself.”

Shahbazian was 11-1 and was in the middleweight division at the age of 23, but he had heard all the stories about leaving the camp. Of course, his head coach is Edmund Tarverdian, who has been criticized by many. Still, Shabazian says he wasn’t thinking about changing his camp.

“That is, only MMA fans can switch on you to win or lose,” Shahbazyan said. “In my camp, I made a lot of tweaks to a particular workout. I made a lot of changes in that part.”

After all, Shahbazian just praises Branson and says there is no excuse

“No excuses. I lost the last fight fairly and honestly, I gassed myself, and that’s almost it,” Shahbazyan concludes. “No excuse.”

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Edmen Shahbazian talks about his first career loss to Derek Brunson. Edmen Shahbazian talks about his first career loss to Derek Brunson.

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